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Name Game

Contributed by Becca:
Everyone takes turns talking about their name. If a guest is named for a relative or famous person, she should talk about this. Guests should reveal middle names (no matter how embarrassing!) and talk a bit about what it meant to have that name in their life.

Afterwards, the expectant mom can talk about names her and her partner like and a bit about what they like about them.


Contributed by Diana M:
If the mother knows what she is going to name her baby, this game is perfect for her party. Have all the ladies get their purses (if it is a co-ed party, have the men use their wallets and pockets). Have the mother-to-be say (and if needed, spell) the baby's first name. The guests have to go through their purses/wallets/pockets to find an item that begins with letters from the baby's name.

example: Lauren



R:receipt, etc...

The guest who has an item for the most amount of letters in the baby's name, wins (gets a prize). This game gets really funny as you watch people pull out objects (especially for the uncommon letters)!!!

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