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Full List of Baby Shower Games

Hundreds of free Game Ideas

Here is a complete list of all our baby shower games including the classic ones in the lefthand blue column as well as the fantastic games contributed by our website visitors in the pink box below!

Just remember that games = fun! Some of the best Baby shower games are easy to play, simple to set up and inexpensive to prepare. And best of all, the babyshower game ideas below are all FREE.

Baby shower game information:

    *  Why include games at your party
    *  If you need fast printable games
    *  In our 8-Step Guide: "Let's make it a Party"
    *  Prize and favor ideas
    *  Baby shower answers Q&A for games
    *  Contribute your game!

Thanks in part to YOUR wonderful contributions, our collection of shower game ideas just keeps growing ... in fact it's already HUGE! (over 200) To save you time and make it easier for you to find the games that are just right for your baby shower we have grouped them into useful categories.  

Wonderful Games and Related Ideas from our Visitors


Baby Shower Game Hints and Advice

Baby Shower Book (by Melissa P.) How to get organised for baby shower games


All Day/Shower games - Start and End with the Baby Shower:

Baby Pins (Clothes Pin Game) (by The Editor) Collect clothes pins from guests who break simple rules. Guest with the most clothes pins wins.


Animal games:

Stork Tag (by Sonji H.) The guest closest to the stork wins a prize
Stuffed Animal Activity (by Amanda) Guess who gave the stuffed animal. This baby shower game can be modified to suit various themes (Noah's Ark, Jungle Theme, Beach Theme, Teddy Bear theme, Color theme)


Art, Craft & Creative games:

Draw Baby in Turns (by Roxy) A fun drawing challenge
Facial Traits (by Cindy) What will the baby look like?
Lil Artist Nursery Rhyme Game (by Linda C.) Get young siblings or relatives creatively involved
Next Mom-To-Be (by Kim) A simple badge for an old tradition
Paper Baby (by Shelly and Connie M.) Tear a baby shape out of paper - Two versions
Pass the Baby Drawing (by Corinne) Fun group baby drawings
Steal the Pacifier Necklace (by Alisha) A challenge for the quick


Baby Name games:

Baby Name Generator
(by Andrea M.) Generate baby names from letters in the parents' names
Family Tree Name Game (by Sharon P.) Guests create a new baby name from your family tree


Candy & Food games:

Candy & Food games can be a treat and a whole lot of fun, but we suggest you keep it to just one or two per shower if you are planning to offer guests a light meal or finger food as well.

Feed the Baby (by Tina) A baby food feeding challenge
Fortune Cookies (by Christine) Food and a game in one
Marshmallow Game (by Ms. Lady) You need to be able to talk with your mouth full


Challenge games:

Challenge games may involve some physical activity and are great when the baby shower guests are predominantly at the younger end of the age spectrum. However, age and experience can have its advantages.

My Water Broke! (by K. Lanathoua) First to melt the ice wins
Baby In The Ice (by Fifi) A variation on My Water Broke
Bobbing for Pacifiers (by Joanna and Georgia P.) Two versions of an old classic game

Bath Time (by Sarah) Balloon baby washing challenge

Carrot In a Bottle (by Kleeo158) An interesting and physical challenge with a carrot

Don't Say "Baby" Bracelets (anonymous) A variation with beaded bracelets
Feed The Baby (by Lora) A simple (I didn't say easy) dexterity challenge
Find the Pacifier (by Whitney) Find the most pacifiers hidden in party balloons

One-Handed Mommies (by Jill S.) A one-handed skill challenge
Pacifier Swing (by Mara) Catch the swinging pacifier in your mouth
Paper Baby (by Shelly and Connie M.) Tear a baby shape out of paper - Two versions

Pick a Name Piggybank (by Crenarta B.) Simple idea but harder than you might think
Pin in the Rice Game (by Diane D. and jwsaa) Two versions of this game
Pin The Dummy On The Baby (by Joanne B.) A variation on an old standard
Running Charades (by Nancy) Running charades with two teams
Snowball Fight (by Tifani S.) With paper snowballs. Great idea for a winter baby shower

Clothes Line Challenges

Mama Mia (by Misty) A variation on Hanging Baby Clothes
Hanging Baby Clothes (by Heather & Denise E.) A dexterity & multitasking challenge
Be a Good Mommy! (by Kris) Simpler version using a floopy baby doll & no phone


Diaper & Dressing games:

Diaper and Dress Baby
(by Lisa) A blinfold challenge game
Diapering the Balloon (by Amy W.) without popping it
Baby Doll Dressing (by Michelle S.) Dress the baby doll as if it were a real baby
Pin the Diaper On Daddy (by Terri K. and Georgia P.) Two versions


Guessing, Memory, Quiz, Puzzle and Ice-breaker games:

Guessing, memory, quiz and ice-breaker games are a great way to get every one involved at a baby shower. Games can be simple or challenging and most are readily adapted to a particular shower theme.

Diaper Contents Guessing Games

Guess the White Powder / Dirty Diaper (by Twanna) A pair of simple & fun guessing games
The Diaper Game (by Melissa P.) What's in the daiper?
What's In The Diaper (many foods version) (by Aimee) Another 'What's in the daiper?' game

General Guessing Games

Boy or Girl? (by Alma) Guess the gender of the baby in the picture
Memory: A Different Way (by Kes) Remember and match the cards
Name That Ultrasound (by Ana S.) A fun game with ultrasound images
Q-tips in a Jar Guess (by Diane) Guess the number of Q-tips in a jar
Sticker On the Forehead (by Shauna) Ask questions to guess the item written on the sticker
Stuffed Animal Activity (by Amanda) Guess who gave the stuffed animal
What's in the Bank? (by Caryn) Guess the amount of change in the Piggy Bank
What's the Difference? (by Pandora) Guess the difference between Mom & Dad's tummies

Guess the Mystery Item Games

Baby Box (by turtle) Guess the baby item hidden in the box
Diaper Bag Game (by Jennifer M.I.) Guess the contents of the Diaper Bag
Guessing Wrapped Baby Items (by JJH) Guess the wrapped items
What's That? (by brediggity) Guess the baby related item in the bag

Memory Games

Nursery Song Memory Game (by Melinda) See who can remember the most songs played
Pink Bows (by Tiffany F.) Remember the number of pink bows
Unexpectant Guest (by Tommie) An unexpected memory game

Puzzle Games

BABY Pictionary (by Jamikia) A baby shower version of Pictionary
Words Of Wisdom (by Jennifer) Complete the phrase or saying from jumbled words

Questionnaire & Ice-breaker Games

Get To Know Eachother (by Tulipbeans) A fun and simple ice-breaker
Mom-to-be Questions (by Shauna) An excellent ice-breaker
Question and Answer (by Tracy) A funny and bold quiz about the parents to be
Who Knows You the Best (by Ina) A short Mom-to-be questionnaire

Quiz Games

Baby Parts Quiz (by Venus) 25 clues to identify parts of a baby
Celebrity Babies (by Jen, Suel, Monique, and Donna J.) 4 ideas. Match the moms & babies
List Of Things In Baby's Room (by Moneca) Easy to set up quiz
Parts of Baby's Body (by Lilliana) a simple quiz
Pregnancy Trivia (by Fela) Quiz about mom-to-be's pregnancy


Lottery, Fundraiser & Door Prize games:

Lottery style games can be a lot of fun and can help to raise a little cash for the mum to be. Please keep in mind though, that some guests may have strong feelings about gambling related activities, regardless of how innocent the intention may be.

Baby's Birth Time Guess 50/50 Raffle (by Erica) Closest guess to the birth date/time wins
Baby's Piggy Bank 50/50 Raffle (by Julie Jones) Raffle to start baby's Piggy Bank
Card Game Lotto (by Melinda M.) A simple lottery with a deck of cards and two boxes
Let's Make A Deal (by Aria J. Thomas) Simple gift swapping game
Winner Takes All (by Ms. Kara) A lottery style game

Dice Games

Rob Your Neighbor (by Melissa P.) A simple, fun and highly recommended dice game!

Door Prizes

Baby Food Jars (by Melodie L.) Another great and simple door prize idea
Diaper Door Prize (by Ana Lisa H. and Brittany R.) Two versions
Diaper Poop Pin (by Shelley W.) Excellent and fun way to give a door prize


Musical games:

Big Underwear (by Camille) A fun variation on musical chairs
Hot Rubber Ducky (by Kathy G.) A variation on Hot Potato
Musical Costumes (by Sandy V.) Guests get to wear whatever is in the bag

Who Gets Mommy? (by jwsaa) Like musical chairs without chairs


Nursery Rhyme, Story & Literature games:

Story, Nursery Rhyme and Poem based games offer considerable creative scope for having a fun and memorable baby shower. These can be a really good ice-breaker by getting every one involved.

Baby Poem Game (by Dianne T.) Guests write a poem about the pregnancy
Baby-oake (by Angie M.) A personalised Nursery rhyme for the parent(s)-to-be
Creative Group Story (by AuthorFirst) Create a funny adventure tale about the impending birth
Nursery Rhyme Acting (by Tammi S.) Most creative team of guests wins
Nursery Song Memory Game (by Melinda) See who can remember the most songs played


Baby Toy games:

Stuffed Animal Activity (by Amanda) Guess who gave the stuffed animal or similar baby toy


Wish, Keepsake, Advice & Thankyou games:

Advice for Mom
(Mary G. and Momof3ps) Two seperate activities
Encouraging Diaper Notes (by Valerie) Advice, sayings, encouraging thoughts
Thank You Game (by D.B. and Kristie H.) Two versions
Who Attended My Shower (by Faye) A keepsake record of attendees
Wishing Well (by Vanessa) Wishes for the baby


More games:

Other Half (by Jennie C.) A simple ice-breaker activity
Rotating Gift (by Stephanie) an elegantly simple game
Daddy's Turn (by Jessica) A variation on How big is Mommy
What's the Difference
(by Pandora) A variation on How big is Mommy

More to come ... we're working hard ;-)








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