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The Good Hostess Guide
to Surviving a Baby Shower

The Pets

If you don’t have any pets then you can skip ahead to the next section but for those of you who do, you will need to figure out what to do with your pets during the day of the shower.

The problems with dogs can be rather obvious; they have a tendency to jump up on guests, they might get into the presents or spend the day barking at everyone who rings the doorbell, or just because they feel ignored and/or stressed.

This can be very disruptive to a shower. If you have guests that are afraid of dogs, it can be even worse.

Cats are less inclined to be as overtly disruptive, but can still offer similar problems to dogs particularly when they feel it is their space that is being invaded. Added to that, some people are actually afraid of cats.

The last thing you need is an over-enthusiastic 'animal-friend' guest being accidently bitten by a your overwhelmed pooch or given a painful scratch by your cute'n'cuddly but ever so frightened kitty. No matter how minor these disturbances might appear, they can ruin the tone of the party.

Even if no one is afraid of the pets, there are still allergies to take into account, particularly with cats.  Try to get your shower space in the house as free of pet hair as possible so guests don’t leave covered in your best animal friend's fur.

If you have an area of the house where you can keep your pets then by all means do so, but the best option particularly for dogs, is to take them over to a friend’s or family member’s house for the day. 

Placing both cats and dogs in an appropriate retreat or kennel for the day before and the day of the shower is another option. This allows plenty of time for you to clean without having animals running after you depositing their lovely fur back into all the spaces you have only just cleaned.

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