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The Good Hostess Guide
to Surviving a Baby Shower

House Cleaning

Yes ... you will have to do the house cleaning before you have the shower and you will have to do all of it unless you can get some help from older children or a house cleaner.  I have been to many parties where the hostess will clean the rooms that the party is being thrown in, only to have to let someone into a messier part of the house for various reasons. This can be embarrassing.  You will find that you rest easier if you know that every inch of your house is 100% presentable.

Pay extra attention to the rooms that you are occupying for the shower and try to get all the dusting done and windows clean in those rooms. The best time to do this major house cleaning is the day before the party. This way you don’t have to worry about it on the morning of the shower.  The only thing that you should leave until the morning of the shower is the vacuuming since this will give your house a fresher scent.

When you are cleaning, try to use scentless cleaners to cut down on the clashing smells.  This way, when guests come into your home, they will smell the good food and the lovely flowers that you have placed around the space.  They won’t notice the pine scent from your floor and the lemon freshness of the windows as they all mix with the sharp garlic scent of your Caesar Salad Wraps to create an abomination of smells that upsets their stomachs.

Editor's Note: Any major cleaning job that you might have been putting off for, shall we say 'a while', that requires industrial strength chemicals should be done a few days or even a week before the shower.

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