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Baby as Special Guest


Although many baby showers are held before the arrival of baby, it is not uncommon to see them being held after the little angel has arrived.  This practice is even more common with second or third pregnancies when the new mom already has many of the staples required for a new baby.   Even still, a “baby’s here” baby shower can be held for a first time mom and may be a great way for people to get to know the newest addition to the family.

Having the baby at the shower can add a whole new level of fun, and you will find that the baby provides much of the entertainment even when he or she is sleeping! A shower with baby there can be combined with other themes and can be held at any time of day so don’t feel restricted by our theme ideas below.


When I host a baby shower that has baby attending as the guest of honor, I tend to go back to more traditional decorations.  Things like balloons, streamers, ribbon, and festive tablecloths become the staple of the party.

I also like to have a few baby items handy around the room.  Receiving blankets should be placed in easily accessible areas so guests can protect their clothing when they are holding baby, and cloths can be handy to wipe away any spit up or diaper blowouts.  Also, a few little toys for 0 to 3 months old will provide the guests with items to entertain baby.

I also recommend a few areas just for mom and baby, such as a diaper change area and a quiet spot to breastfeed that is away from prying eyes.  The latter is only important if the new mom prefers privacy when she feeds her baby and is uncomfortable breastfeeding in a crowd.  Find out what your new mom prefers and set it up accordingly.

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget to hang a welcome baby banner on the wall.

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Invitations can be pretty and simple or they can reflect any theme you are using.  I would suggest using an invitation that features a baby on it or even a picture of the new baby who is the guest of honor. Make sure you mention that baby will be attending the shower so people are aware of it ahead of time.  Many who might not have come may reconsider if there is a chance to see the new baby.

Set the shower for around a month after baby has come home.  This is for many reasons including:  1. the first weeks can be overwhelming for a new mom and having to go out with baby before a schedule is established can stress a new mom significantly.  2.  Due to illness, it is often recommended that baby not go to public places before 2 weeks of age.  This is really important if you are having children attend the party that go to daycare or school since many childhood illnesses are prevalent in daycares and schools.  Planning a shower four weeks after baby’s arrival will help alleviate some of the anxieties that the new mom may have and keeps everyone happy and healthy.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

As I already mentioned, the one bonus to hosting a baby shower after baby’s arrival is that most of the large ticket items have already been purchased.  Since you are not focusing on the bigger items, everyone can focus on the fun stuff.  Some great presents can be clothes, blankets, little keepsakes and toys for baby.  There may be a few things that mom didn’t have time to get herself so check out what else she needs and include a gift registry in the invitation.

Another great idea for gifts is to have empty clothes baskets set out.  When you send out an invitation, ask for any used items that their children have outgrown from toys to clothes and make sure to tell them that these items will not be given back.  Also give them the option to attach a little note if they want explaining that they gave the item and if there was a special memory involved.  When the guests arrive, they place their item in the basket and the mom is given several gently used items to flush out her baby’s closet or play room.

For the guests, if they are all close friends and family I would suggest giving a nice picture and picture frame of the baby.  Make sure to add a few of his or her footprints to the bottom of the picture or frame.

Prizes for the games can range from silly little toys, bubbles, bean bag animals and chocolates to celebrate the sweetness of baby.

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Since we have a baby present, let’s try to make the food baby friendly and very easy to eat so that people can munch and still hold baby.  This can be accomplished with finger foods. You can try to add a few baby elements to the food by having baby carrots and baby corn in the veggies and dip and also by having a bottle shaped cake.  Just think appetizers to fill out your menu and you will have guests happily munching away as they fight over who gets to hold the bundle of joy next.

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When it comes to playing the games, there are a few that you can’t really do when baby is already there - things like guess the baby’s name or the baby’s arrival date.  Instead have games like “guess how many diapers baby will use” throughout the entire shower.  At the end of the shower, the person with the closest guess wins a prize.  Also play, “what’s in the diaper bag” where guests can write out what they think is in the diaper bag.  The person with the most correct answers wins.

Plan games around the times when mom needs to be out feeding the baby.  This will give your guests something to do when she is gone, and she won’t have to worry about people following her into her quiet room.  Make sure to have a few games there when mom can play them so that she doesn’t feel like she is missing out on the fun.

Also: main games section

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