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Pampering Mom Baby Shower


For the mother who has everything or even the one who doesn’t, a Pampering Mom shower can be an excellent respite from the doctor visits, morning sickness, water retention and the many other things that can plague an expectant mother.

Let’s not forget about the guests either since a Pampering Mom shower can be a great time for the guests to have some much needed pampering too.  It does take a bit of planning and decision making on what pampering means but with our theme outlined below, it can be fairly simple.

Before we go into any of the other details, you will need to look at the venue.  A Pampering Mom shower can be held at home with a makeup consultant visit or anyone that does home facials, massage or manicures.  There are many companies out there that do this sort of thing so just shop around for the best one for you.  If you prefer having it outside of home, plan a party at a spa.  Check with the spa about their policies and also if they offer a group rate.  It may be that many spas have not even imagined the potential of hosting small parties in their facilities and may jump at the opportunity.

So what can be better than spending a day wrapped in cotton robes and being massaged, wrapped and pampered until you are relaxed and thankful for having such a wonderful idea and being such a wonderful shower host.


This is one of the few times that I say the best way to decorate a Pampering Mom shower is with no decorations.  Wait, did I say that?  Yep, sure did but don’t worry; you will have a few cleverly placed decorations that no one will realize are decorations.

Ok, you want to set the mood to the space.  Take a chapter out of a spa book and run with it.  Think of things that you normally see at spas or in magazines featuring spas; clean lines, greenery and water.  The cool lines are the first things that I would look at doing.  First you want to choose a color, I think a light green is perfect for this but if you do not find green to be soothing, just find another color.  Have crisp green tablecloths overlaid on top of a white table cloth for your gift and food tables.  Place some green towels and cloths on the backs of chairs and use the color in the vases and plant holders.  Make sure you add a touch of black to the vases too but don’t feel each vase and planter has to be black.  Also, have a few pillows laying around for comfort.

Pull some of your house plants into the space to add a bit more greenery than is usually in that room and then add splashes of fragrance with some beautiful and aromatic flowers.  With the light green, I like to use flowers like Orchids, Calla Lilies, Irises (usually the lighter colors), Daffodils and Lightly Colored Tulips. Use tall vases and long flowers.

Lastly, have a water fountain running, whether it is a large floor model or a simple table top, the sound of the water can add a soothing quality to the space.  If you want something besides the sound of water, play soft music in the background but make sure that you are not playing it too loudly.

Also: main decorations section


Try to make it an elegant invitation, with or without a baby on it.  Make sure that you mention the type of shower that it is, and also mention that they can bring gifts for baby and/or mom.

To pull the Pampering Mom theme into the shower, stuff each invitation with a small sample packet that you can get at beauty salons or stores.  Ask the store if you can purchase or have the ones that can be mailed in an envelope, and then stuff a sample hand cream or face mask into the invitation.

Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

As I mentioned above, gifts can be the typical baby shower gifts like clothes, bottles, baby monitors and all the big ticket articles needed for baby.  You could also pack up a present that represents “Pampering for Baby” with body lotions, bubble baths, shampoo and possibly a baby massage book and oils.

If you want to pamper just mom, you could give her things like a spa certificate, some good books, good movies or lots of spa goodies like hand creams, face washes, foot bath, etc.  You could also give her some babysitting certificates that she could trade in when she needs to pamper herself.

For the guests, you could make up little gift bags filled with many different samples or even larger bottles of bath oils, salts, face masks and skin lotion.  You could also give out gift certificates to spas or to have a facial with the consultant that is doing the demonstration.

The prizes for the games could also be similar to the gift bags: lots of samples, pampering items, and even things like a good book or movie.  You could also give out some of the beautiful items that you are using to decorate your shower space.

Also: main gift section & main favors section


Since we are pampering mom, let’s pamper her decadent side and have lots of little sweets for people to enjoy.  Make cheesecake, sugar cookies and chocolate cakes.  For the meal you could have cool cucumber sandwiches and a light garden salad or maybe creamy coleslaw.  Have some healthy alternatives but don’t forget to splurge on the calorie intake of sweets.  Remember, every diet can have one day of letting go and enjoying the more decadent things in life (but make sure you don’t tell your diet consultant or personal trainer if you happen to have one, it will be our little secret.)

Also: main recipe section


Since you will be focused more on the pampering than on the games, you should have quick games that can be played in between pampering times.  These can be Guess The Baby contributed by Lisa T or Motherly Advice contributed by Tammy.  Any game will work for a Pampering Mom theme.  A great prize to have with the game is to have the guest compete for who gets to be pampered first (well, after the mom-to-be), so if it is a massage that they are waiting to have, you could have a quick game of guess the number of spa samples in the jar and the person who guessed closest gets to have a massage first.

Also: main games section

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