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It's about the Bling

Step #7 of the 8-Step Planning Guide

By Sirena Van Schaik

It may not sparkle or shine with incandescent beauty but baby shower bling can be a wonderful gift that doesn’t consist of cheaply made plastic party favors.  Neither do they need to stay baby focused since many women who attend a baby shower are not going to want baby centered gifts and party favors.

What baby shower bling needs to be is theme based (or at least most of it), something that the guests will enjoy whether it is for a long time like a beautiful statuette or for a short time like personalized bubbles, and whatever you purchase or even make should fall within your budget.

But do you really need party favors?  The answer is a strong yes!  I know, I know, you can do without them and nobody really needs party favors or gift bags but no one really needs the latest boots from the top designers either.  We just want them and the same goes for baby shower favors.

Do you remember when you were a child and you would compete for some ribbon at the school track meet?  You would bounce up and down in excitement as you paraded your ribbon around the house, even if it was only the participation ribbon that was exciting you so much.  Think about the thrill of receiving a prize for competing and you will understand what it’s like to win wonderful prizes at a baby shower. Sure, they don’t sparkle like diamonds (at least for those of us that are missing the Hollywood budget, and probably those designer boots) but there is a thrill of proudly saying that you were the only one to not say “Baby” throughout the entire shower.   It’s the excitement of accomplishment and even a fun dollar store prize can confirm that you won.

Maybe I’m over exaggerating but sometimes as I watch women hoot – yes, hoot – for joy over winning a little dollar store figurine, I wonder.  Regardless of everything I just said, favors add a new element to a baby shower, whether it’s the prizes they win or the gift bags that they take home.  Baby shower favors do not need to break the bank either and you can find many great prizes and gifts online or in retail stores for a very reasonable price.

Since I already mentioned games and competitions, let’s look at the most obvious use of party favors as prizes for the many wonderful games you play.  Of course people will play games simply for the fun of it, but having a prize brings in a whole new level of commitment to the competition.  Again, don’t feel like you have to spend obscene amounts for prizes.  You can also use decorations like stuffed animals, flowers or potted plants as the prizes.  A word of caution about using decorations - make sure you hand them out at the end of the shower, otherwise you will start seeing big empty spots where you had cleverly placed a decoration.

Once you have the prizes sorted out, you should think about gift bags or a small token of appreciation to give the guests that came.  Again, unless your budget can accommodate it, don’t go overboard with the spending when you select the perfect little token.  You can even save some money by making gifts by hand, including baking a few extra (dozen?) dessert squares and then wrapping them in elegant little packages to deliver to the guests as they leave.  Make sure you use wrapping paper or gift boxes/bags that match your theme.  The actual gift doesn’t have to match your theme, and more often than not it won’t, but do try to incorporate the theme into the packaging of your gifts even if that is just a case of choosing a matching color.

The main point I am empathizing is that party favors and gift bags offer everyone the chance to feel special and appreciated.  Let’s face it, we all love bling and everyone enjoys unwrapping a special gift -- even if it is only a sweetly wrapped chocolate.  For more ideas, visit our baby shower party favors and prizes page. Also, check out our theme plans because we offer gifting ideas that may match your theme.

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