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Wonderful Selection of Baby Shower Favors
Wonderful Selection of
Baby Shower Favors

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Baby Shower Favors
Baby Shower Favors

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Baby Shower Gift Baskets

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Cute baby themed Photo Frame
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Party Favor:
Elegant Stationary

Keeping it personal and meaningful

It seems the days of ordinary mail have gone the way of the dinosaur, with email and instant messaging.  I mean, who needs to wait days for a letter to arrive when you can get it instantly, well at least after someone has first taken the time to write it.  As much as I am addicted to the electronic word, I still have an affinity to good old snail mail. 

There is something about getting a nicely written letter, card or note in the mail from someone who has taken the time to not only write a letter but also address it, label it, purchase a stamp for it and then go out to drop it off in a mail box.  It seems like much more effort and that you are worth a lot more than a few pixels on a smart-phone's monitor.

And for that reason, I feel that giving personalized stationary is a great party gift for any shower.  You can make a basic design that everyone will enjoy or you can make it much more personal and make the stationary up for each individual guest.  Whatever you choose to do, there is no doubt that your guests will love it.


What you will need:

    • High quality paper, 8.5x11
       (you do not have to use white) 
    • Envelopes (try to match the color
       of the envelopes to the paper)
    • Printer
    • Label Stickers


    • Rubber Stamps
    • Ink

What you will need to do:

How you make the stationary really depends on what you are going with.  You can hand stamp the image onto the paper or you can print the image onto the pages.  Basically, you will want to give about 10 to 20 sheets of paper, labels and envelopes to each guest if this is a gift or you can make it generic stationary for party favours with between 15 to 30 of each.


Printing your own stationary:

    • Find some clipart or picture that you would like to use at any of the
       free image sites available online. 

    • Download and place onto your document.  Play around with the layout
       to get exactly what you want.

    • Make sure you set the print area to the max allowance on your printer
       since you will want the image to be at the very edge of the paper. 

    • Print as required.

    • Take the same image and print it onto the envelopes with the guest’s
       address or if done as a prize, print just the image with lines for the name,
       address, state and zip code.

    • Add the same image to the labels, again with the guest’s information or the lines.

    • Take all the printed pages and wrap in a ribbon.

A Few Tips:  I like to add soft lines to the pages in a layout program to make writing straight much easier when the stationary is used.


Stamping your own stationary:

    • Find a stamped image that you like.

    • Ink the rubber stamp

    • Press onto the paper in the spot where you want it

    • Repeat with envelopes and labels after you have printed out return addresses and other information.

A Few Tips: 

  • Add soft lines to the pages in a layout program to make writing straight much easier when the stationary is used.
  • Stamp or print a decorative initial if you are creating personalized stationary with the person’s name.  This can create a very elegant stationary that everyone will love.

Creating your own stationary is very simple and it is just comes down to one initial design and then lots of repetition through either stamping or printing.  The hand stamped stationary can be very elegant and you can use a heavy paper and make note cards or note pads instead of stationary.  Everyone uses note pads no matter how handy computers have become.  You can also hand-stamp a gift box and present the stationary in the box.

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