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Baby Names Shower


Although the title of this theme may lead one to assume that you will be helping the mom to name her little bundle of joy, that is not what this theme is actually about.  Strangely enough, people tend to be very touchy about the name they choose for their child and most would not be open to an actual baby naming shower. However, they would be open to a shower that takes their baby’s name and threads it through the theme of the shower.

This is an excellent shower to have for a baby that has already arrived and is already named, or for a mother and/or couple that already knows the sex and name of the baby that will be arriving shortly.

The finer details of this theme will be different depending on the name but I will give you an example of what can be done with the name Larissa Aislinn, a name I would have given my daughter if not for two things; one and probably the biggest reason was that I had two boys, and two, my husband vetoed the name.


According to 20,001 Names For Baby: Revised and Updated Advertising by Carol McD. Wallace, Larissa Aislinn means, “light hearted dream” and this is what we will use for our theme.  For your shower, try to find out the meaning of the name and plan out the decorations around the overall theme.  If you can’t find a theme, decorate by writing the child’s names in blocks and having banners up with his or her name written on them.

For the name Larissa Aislinn, I would go with a dreamy feel and decorate with a lot of soft colors.  If I have the option, with the appropriate season, I would make the shower a garden shower and add a few lights in amongst the greenery and sun catchers hanging around the space to give the illusion of dancing fairies celebrating the birth of a baby.

If I were stuck inside, I would fill the room with greenery and wispy flowers like Baby’s Breath, Lunaria or Amaryllis Belladonna.  I would then place white Christmas lights throughout the greenery and add ornaments that feature butterflies, dragonflies and fairies to bring those light-hearted dreams to a room.

Lastly, I would purchase a name art that features the name of the baby to place on the wall and later give to the expectant mother as a gift.  There are many companies offering this service and they can be in almost any style from playful and wacky to refined and elegant.

See Also: main decorations section


Since I just mentioned the name art, I would suggest looking for invitations that reflect that art.  If the company that you are purchasing the art from does not offer invitations, then you may want to look at a different company or simply make a word art print yourself and incorporate it into your invitations.

If you do not want to use a name art on your invitations, then I would keep with the meaning of the name.  Larissa Aislinn could be white invitations with flowers, and butterflies surrounding a sleeping infant.  Regardless of how you make your invitations, make sure to explain to the guests what the theme is and if you are asking them to cover specific gifts, make sure that is included as well.

See Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Gifting for a Baby Names shower can be a lot of fun since you have two ways to do this.  The first way is to use the meaning of the theme for the gift selections.  For the theme I am describing, guests could bring gifts that are light in color and have a whimsical and dreamy feel to them.  Baby mobiles, curtains for the room, linens and other things can fall into the gift theme very easily.

The second way to gift is to take the child’s names and assign letters to the guests via the invitations.  Make sure to allow guests the option of changing the letters if they want a different letter.  Some examples of letter gifts can be the following:

L:  A lamp for the baby’s room

A:  Activity equipment

R:  Reading Material for baby and mom

I:   Ivory Dress

S:  Sleepers

S:  Swing

A:  Aveeno baby lotions

The best gifts that I would suggest for guests are personalized stationary for everyone.  This can be tricky but if you are crafty or if you know a very good printer, you could give everyone a stationary set with their name or initials on the envelopes and paper.

Some great prizes for a baby naming party are name books, pens, and gift certificates for guests to purchase their very own name art.

Also: main gift section & main favors section


Again, since I am going with light hearted dream, I would keep food as dreamy and light as possible, playing into the theme surrounding the meaning of the name.  Cheesecakes with whipped cream, a nice light salad with a vinaigrette dressing, flaky sandwiches and a whimsical parfait can create a nice menu for your shower.

See Also: main recipe section


There are so many games that you can play with a baby naming shower that deciding which ones to not play can be the greatest hurdle in planning your baby shower.  One of the best ones would be to play Baby Pin Game but switch the word to being the baby’s name.  Since that is the theme, many people will have a hard time not saying the baby’s name.  Name Game contributed by Becca, Help Name the Baby contributed by Valerie and Baby's Name contributed by Andrea are other great games to play at a Baby Names Shower.

See Also: main games section

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