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Big Sibling Baby Shower


The imminent arrival of a new baby can raise many emotions in new parents.  Emotions such as worry, happiness and fear that something will go wrong or they may not have the skills necessary for raising a child.  Most parents work through these emotions and they are very common to have; sometimes these feelings can be very overwhelming for a new or expecting parent. 

It is no surprise, then, that siblings can be overwhelmed with many of the same emotions and will have his or her own fears over what the new baby portends.

A big sibling shower may not alleviate all those worries that your older child may have but it will confirm that he or she is still important and loved.


With an older sibling shower, I would leave all the decoration choices up to the older siblings.  This is one shower that I would not throw as a surprise since it allows the older sibling a chance to really be involved in some of the decisions regarding the baby.  This will help his or her confidence concerning the baby and the new role that he or she will be in. 

Take a day to plan a trip to a party supply store and then follow the lead of the big sibling.  You will find that children can pick out some wonderful decorations and you can also add a few decorations to the pile. 

One thing that I would suggest is to slip in or make a banner that says, “Look who’s a big ___” or “Congratulations Big Brother/Sister.”  This will bring it home that this is both a celebration of a new baby and also a celebration that there will be a new role in the family.

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Invitations can be just about anything for this but I would suggest finding an invitation that the big sibling likes or one that has a favorite cartoon character.  In the invitation, mention that this is a big sibling shower and that guests are asked to bring a small gift for the big sibling as well, if it is possible.  Don’t make it a requirement but just as a side note.  You can also word to reflect that it is a big sibling shower.  Something like, “Caitlyn is very happy to announce that she is going to be a big sister and she would like to invite you to a big sibling shower to celebrate.”

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Gifting for a big sibling shower can be very easy and it follows standard gift giving etiquette.  Any present for baby is fine and you can ask guests to bring a small present for the big siblings. If you decide to not have guests bring presents for the big siblings, make sure that you purchase one or two special gifts for the older child or children.

The gift bags for the guests could include tickets for two to the movies, dinner or bowling or you could purchase a small figurine for each guest that features siblings.  More than likely your big sibling shower will be co-ed and will probably include children as well as adults.  For the children, have a grab bag filled with small toys and candies that you can purchase at a dollar store.

Prizes for the games can also include dollar store items such as figurines, craft and art supplies, and small party toys.

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Kid friendly food is the perfect menu for a big sibling shower.  Make it a barbeque and have hot dogs, hamburgers and finger foods like chips, fruit and veggies.  Have a nice cake that says, “Congratulations, Big Brother/Sister” and have plenty of ice cream.  You could also offer a nice fruit punch and every kid that I have met absolutely love, Watermelon Strollers.

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When it comes to games, it really depends on where you set up the baby shower.  Outside, you could have more active games that would be common at a birthday party.  Inside, you could have a tournament with cards, children’s board games or on a game console such as PlayStation 3.  If you want to play baby shower games, you could play ones like TV Family Show Children contributed by LynnMaria, Lucky Duck contributed by Emily F., or The Diaper Game by Melissa P.

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