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Boy's Personalized Radio Flyer Wagon
Boy's Personalized
Radio Flyer Wagon

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts


Cute Blue Baby Boy Sports Robe
Cute Blue Baby Boy
Sports Robe

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Blue Baby Shower Clothesline
Blue Baby Shower Clothesline

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts


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Take Me Out To The Ball Game! by Jennifer Munksgard

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Personalized Little Boy Blue Rocker
Personalized Little Boy
Blue Rocker

from Bunny Berry

Baby Boy Blue Diaper Carriage
Baby Boy
Blue Diaper Carriage

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Baby Boy Blue Lollipop Diaper Cake
Baby Boy
Blue Lollipop Diaper Cake

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Bear Blue Baby Cake Supreme
Bear Blue Baby Cake Supreme

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Baby Boy Spa Kit - Blue
Baby Boy Spa Kit - Blue

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Alex 3 Piece Baby Boy Blue Crib Bedding Set
Alex 3 Piece Baby Boy
Blue Crib Bedding Set

from Bunny Berry


Cute baby themed Photo Frame Favors - Boy / Blue
Cute baby themed Photo Frame
Favors - Boy / Blue

from Moments of Elegance

Blue Baby Bottle Candle Favors
Blue Baby Bottle Candle Favors

from Moments of Elegance

Wedding Anniversary

Baby Boy - Blue Theme Shower


You know the saying, snips and snails and puppy dog tails, are what makes a little boy, or is that what makes a boy themed shower.  Probably both but please refrain from having those puppy dog tails floating around the room.  Instead, a boy shower can be filled with all the rough and tumble things that make boys wonderful.  These little things that define boyhood can be sent through the room or rooms by use of colour (namely blue), big fun toys and by setting up the room just like a boy would love it.  We know that no two boys are alike and for that matter, no two boy themed baby showers are either but we have come up with a few ideas on how to kick start a boy themed shower.


Blue is such a common color for a boy that there is even a nursery rhyme about it, “Little Boy Blue” but don’t feel that you need to stick with the color blue.  For our themed shower, we have chosen to use blue as our primary color since this can also be used as a blue themed shower as well but instead of having varying degrees of blue, however, we opt to use other primary colors for the highlighting colors.

Unlike our girl themed shower where we think dainty and ruffled, the boy themed shower is one that cries out rough and tumble.  Having things like toy trucks, wooden blocks and toy construction toys placed around the room will give the image of boys splashing through giant mud puddles as they push their dump truck through it to deliver a load of dirt to the road they are building.

Balloons are always good as well and you can get away with flowers but those are more for the mom and other guests than they are for the baby.  Think blue flowers when you gather up those bouquets; flowers like Blue Bells, blue Morning Glories, blue Cornflowers, Blue Tulips and Blue Roses.  Don’t forget to add a few whites and yellows to break up the sea of blue.

See Also: main decorations section


A hand stamped card can be very nice for a blue/boy themed shower since you can build up on the invite with many different levels of blue.  You can make it as rough and tumble as you like and add as many embellishments as you choose.  Visit our page on how to make hand stamped cards.

If you do not feel like you are a crafty person, then I would recommend purchasing a blue or white invitation with either a baby wrapped in a blue blanket or purchase one that has some boy memorabilia on it.  Regardless of how you get your invitations, you will want to mention that the shower is for a baby boy.

If you are looking for a Blue Boy poem, try our poetry section.

See Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Since you are having a boy themed shower, you are going to want to purchase presents in blue.  You can purchase blue sleepers, crib shirts, outfits and just about anything else a little boy will wear.  You can also go out and purchase running shoes and Keds for when he gets bigger.  If you don’t want to go with clothes, you can purchase many items that have a boy theme or blue coloring to them.  Tie them all together by providing blue gift wrap and enveloped cards.

For the guests, I would suggest gifts that are more masculine in appearance.  Things like pocket calendars, note cards done in blue and white and key chains are great things to use.

For the prizes, you could have puzzles, some of the little toys that are decorating the room and video store coupons.

See Also: main gift section & main favors section


For food, I would recommend a full meal (cue manly chuckle here) and have food like chicken and ribs, twice baked potatoes and salad to get those dreaded greens into them.  Let’s face it; this may be the last chance for mom to get her little boy to eat anything green so take advantage of it.

Have chips and dip and a few other little munchies available for the guests to fill up on while they wait for the main course.  This will keep the amount of food you need to prepare down to a manageable level.    A great dessert can be mud pies or worms in a bucket.  Also, chicken and ribs can be prepared the night before and heated the day off so don’t feel like you need to make it all at once.

See Also: main recipe section


Any game can be adapted for a blue themed shower with very little effort.  All you will need to do is use blue paper or pencils, have a few objects that reflect boys, i.e. trucks and stuff, and just have fun.  Some great games can be found in our games section but I recommend playing Empty That Bottle! contributed by Sabrina, Name Game Scatagories contributed by Amelia Mae H and Bingo contributed by Pat Davidson.

See Also: main games section

Do you have an idea to add to this theme? Send it to us!

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