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Rock Baby Gifts


Born to Rock Baby Shower


By Jamie Sue Austin

A baby changes your life forever, and a baby shower should help you mark that change.  In a way you are saying goodbye to your reckless youth and late night excursions.  Although most people have a standard pink and blue baby shower, it doesn’t have to be that way!  Your baby shower can have a theme unique to your own special interests and if that is music, then go for it.  Do whatever you think would be fun and forget the conventional.  To give you an example I’m going to tell you about my Born to Rock baby shower.

Before I got pregnant I use to spend a lot of time at a local Goth club called The Warehouse.  For those of you not sure what a Goth club is, that’s basically a club devoted to Gothic and Industrial music (think The Cure) were the club goers dress in fantastic costumes that most people only wear on Halloween.  I had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends there over the years.  But, I knew I wouldn’t be doing much going out once I became a mommy.  So, I decided to share my shower with all the people I’d hung out with while I was young.

I asked the club owner if I could have my baby shower there on a regular club night.   The Warehouse had been host to weddings, funerals, and birthday parties, but, never a baby shower.  The owner agreed and gave me permission to decorate the club.  As his gift to me he offered to buy pizza for everyone and allowed me to make a guest list of people who would get in without paying admission that night. I made a list of thirty or so of my closest friends and gave them to the club owner.

Then I set to making my invitations.  Instead of traditional invitations I made flyers like the ones people pass out for rock concerts and “battle of the bands” tournaments.  I used my ultrasound pictures as the images.  It work out pretty good, because I two ultrasound pictures that each showed half of the baby; when you put them together you cold see my son stretched out with his head in his hands.  I made half the flyers with one image and half with the other so that people could have fun finding the two halves and putting them together.  I ran them off on plain white paper at Kinkos.  They were the cheapest invitations for anything I’ve ever bought.  I mailed them to people out of the state and passed them around to friends locally.  People got a real kick out them and I burned through 150 invitations with people still asking for more.

At the time I was close friends with a girl who had an extensive collection of doll parts.  Yes, I said doll parts.  Apparently a few years ago someone gave her a painted dolls head as a joke and everyone else followed suit with their own hand painted creations.  Her house was full of boxes of doll heads, legs, and arms that people had given her.  For my baby shower she gave me a bunch of doll parts and the night of the shower I hung them with fishing line from the rafters, tied them to poles, and scattered them on tables.  I added a few black table clothes, some floating candles and some black streamers.  You don’t really have to decorate much a night club.  Everybody LOVED my “baby shower” decorations.

We only played one game that night since most people were busy dancing.  It was find Robert Smith.  (Robert Smith for those of you who don’t know, is the lead singer of The Cure)  Among all the baby doll heads and pieces was one doll head that I thought looked like Robert Smith.  The person who found it and brought it to me won a round of drinks on the house.  At the end of the night everyone took doll parts home with them as souvenirs.  I still see those doll parts in people’s houses and in their cars when I visit.  All prominently displayed.  It makes me feel special.

I had a LOT of fun at my baby shower.  I have awesome pictures of the decorations and the party goers in their costumes.  I got a ton of gifts from everyone and book of signatures and comments written to the baby.  I have the distinction of having the only Gothic baby shower in all of Cincinnati’s history, and people still talk about it.  But, best of all when my child grows up and starts thinking that I am the most boring lame person in the world; I have proof that I had a pretty exciting life back in the day.

Of course, I’m not suggesting everyone have a Born to Rock baby shower.  But, I am suggesting that you host your baby shower in a location, with a theme, that means something to you.  It’s fun to break out of the norm.  Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t do something outrageous!


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