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Baby Shower for a Co-worker


Although baby showers were traditionally thrown for an expectant mother to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with close friends and family, there has been a shift in the last few years as to the etiquette surrounding them. Today, it is not uncommon for companies to throw co-worker showers right in the place of business and the celebration of baby has gone from being something shared by a family to being something shared by the community.

A co-worker shower can be held just about any way that you want.  Usually it is held during office hours and generally it is in the place of employment but don’t feel like you have to keep it to the norm.  One of the reasons why it is held at work is the simple fact that everyone can attend since they will be there anyway.  Whatever you choose, a co-worker’s shower probably won’t have as many bells and whistles as other showers but they are still just as much fun.


Since this is your place of business, or possibly a restaurant down the street, you probably won’t have a lot of decorations.  This doesn’t mean that it has to be bare but try to use decorations that mom can take with her.  Have a few helium balloons floating in the room.  Maybe decorate the chair that she will be sitting in with streamers and ribbons.  You could also have a few stuffed animals decorating the room that can be sent home for the nursery or flowers that can be given to the mom to be or sent around the office to decorate it after the party.  The main point is that it will be fairly minimalistic while still creating a sense that it is indeed a party.

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You probably won’t have to make a formal invitation for this shower since you won’t be inviting anyone from outside your place of employment.  Usually a companywide memo or a notice in the staff room will be enough.  I would also suggest that you remind people verbally just to make sure everyone remembers.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Gifting for a co-worker’s shower can be a bit tricky since you don’t really want to purchase a big ticket item and it might also be difficult to determine what the expectant mother received at her other showers.  If you can, I would suggest asking for a gift registry and sending out the info in the company memo. If not, try to stay with more personal items that may reflect something from work.  At my co-worker shower, I received a lot of books to read to my son and I also received a lot of clothing for when he got bigger.  This way, he had stuff to grow into and my co-workers didn’t have to worry about me already having it.

It is recommended that you put a limit on the amount spent.  Usually $30 is a good target limit and no one will have to worry about getting a really expensive gift for the expectant mom.

When it comes to gifting the guests, I would suggest giving them something that reflects the company.  Office supplies, notebooks and other little supplies are a great suggestion.  You could add a note saying, “For today only, I’ll slide the supplies to you so you don’t have to filch them.”  Only do this if people know you are kidding.  If you are the boss, you could do something nice like hire a masseuse to come in and give all the employees a 15 minute massage.  At the shower, you could give out a coupon for the masseuse day or you could give out coupons giving employees 30 minutes to play solitaire on the computer, no stress attached, if they work from computers.

For prizes, you should continue with the company theme and use items that you would give in the gift bags.

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The only suggestion that I have for a co-worker shower is to make the meal pot luck.  This way, no one has to worry about planning a meal and everyone will have something they like.  If you prefer to have a meal catered, then anything is fine and you can choose food that your co-workers like. And a restaurant nearby is also a potential option that offers a venue away from the work environment. Whether you go to a restaurant or have a pot-luck in the work lunchroom, both options are fine so it will really depend on your work environment and whether there is an easily accessible and affordable restaurant nearby.

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I’m not sure if you would really play a lot of games at a co-worker’s shower.  The ones that I have been to, we didn’t play any since there just wasn’t enough time but if you would like a games, I would suggest ones where people can sit, play a game and enjoy their lunch hour, which is when co-worker showers are often held.  Some game suggestions are Pregnancy Trivia contributed by Fela and Dollar Name Game contributed by Melissa.

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