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Baby Boy Blue Lollipop Diaper Cake
Baby Boy Blue Lollipop
Diaper Cake

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Personalized Pink Poodle Diaper Cake
Personalized Pink Poodle
Diaper Cake

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts



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Baby Boy Blue Diaper Carriage
Baby Boy
Blue Diaper Carriage

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Baby Girl Pink Lollipop Diaper Cake
Baby Girl
Pink Lollipop Diaper Cake

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Bear Blue Baby Cake Supreme
Bear Blue Baby Cake Supreme

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Forever Baby Cake - Girl / Pink
Forever Baby Cake - Girl / Pink

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Wedding Anniversary

Diapers & Essentials Baby Shower


When it comes right down to it, raising a baby requires many essential items.  Parents need diapers, creams, wipes, breast pumps, clothing, bottles and so many other things that it can be overwhelming for an expectant mother who is creating the shopping list.
But no matter how many things crowd a list or how many pages it takes up, the most important essentials that any mother needs is the love and support of her family and friends.  This is where throwing a Diapers & Essentials Baby Shower can make all the difference to a mom drowning in a sea of lists.

This is also a great shower idea for mom’s having their second or third baby, although they already have all the usual items like a crib, stroller, blankets, etc, they may still need to stock up for the new baby, especially when it comes to disposable items that are needed for every new child (e.g. diapers!).



Let’s stick with the key elements here.  When you are decorating for an essentials baby shower, it is a great idea to stick with practical things.  Use items that the expectant mother can take home later and check off of her lists.

You can certainly use the classic decorations like streamers and balloon, but you may also consider other ideas like linking useful items to make long chains.  Mom can then mark those off from her list, and it will create a playful atmosphere to hold the party.  Decorations could include little toys, baby wipe containers with bows on top, face cloths, bottles, and little knick-knacks for the nursery – pretty much any essentials that mom needs for this baby.

If you choose to have flowers, use bins that mom can take home for storage but make sure to line the bins in plastic if you are using real flowers.  You can also use a diaper pail as a flower vase - something that will give the guests a little chuckle.
The best decoration for an essentials baby shower is a diaper cake.  This is a great gift and can make a wonderful decoration that will keep people talking.  Visit our How to Make a Diaper Cake page for our exclusive step-by-step guide and also be sure to check out the list at the bottom of that page if you are in a pinch for time and would like to purchase a beautiful diaper cake online.

See Also: main decorations section


The invitations for this kind of baby shower should be fun and colourful but most importantly they should communicate the types of gifts that mom needs - essentials.  Maybe have an image of some baby supplies or have the invitation shaped like a diaper or bottle.  Make sure that no matter how you format the invitation, you explain that this is an essentials party (which is sometimes referred to as just a ‘diaper shower’ although I think you should include the word ‘essentials’ in there so that guests don’t get confused about the type of gift to bring).  Offer a list or a gift registry that illustrates what an essential is.

See Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Think essentials.  Gifts for the new mom can include so many of the little things.  Clothing for a first child, diapers, soothers, bottles, creams, lotions, powders, diaper bags, etc are great things to wrap up.  You can do up little essential gift bags for the new baby that have many of the items listed above.

One gift idea for this type of shower is the gift card to a shop like Walmart where mom can get the essentials she needs throughout baby’s first year.  Be aware though that some people do not like gift cards, however others happen to love them - so this will really be a case where it is best to consult mom and see what her preferences are so that you can communicate that to guests if they ask you for gift advice.

When you are gifting the guests with favors, I would suggest doing a goodie gift bag filled with all the little extras that mothers (or fathers) love such as pampering items like a massage oil or bubble bath scent, sweets, a scratchy lottery ticket, a coupon to the movies or a manicure.  As all parents learn, pampering yourself every now and then is the most important essential for staying bright while raising a brood of children.

Some great prizes for the games could include little charms that are shaped like diapers, baby bottles and other baby essentials.  The grand prize or maybe one of the guest gifts could be a charm bracelet or necklace to hang the charm on.

See Also: main gift section & main favors section


Let’s go to the essentials of healthy eating and fun.  Have a great fruit punch to offer your guests - maybe have a few different kinds.  For food, have different types of salads available and a Chicken Caesar Wrap for the main dish.  All of them are wonderfully healthy and will offset the guilt when you pull out a Diaper Chocolate Cake for dessert.

See Also: main recipe section


There are many games that center on baby essentials.  You can play Guess the # of Q-tips contributed by Lisa Lindstadt, Bottle Race contributed by Sheri, or Diaper The Baby contributed by Loralie.  The best game for an essentials baby shower is the The Diaper Game contributed by Melissa P.  Thank you to all our wonderful readers who have created some wonderful games for everyone to enjoy.

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