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Rubber Ducky by Grandma-to-be
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Puddle Ducks Baby Shower


A baby brings so many things when he or she arrives and it is hard to imagine all the places that a child will take you.  One thing you can be sure of is the time spent splashing in puddles like the famous Puddle Ducks from Beatrix Potter's stories.  After all, aren’t children the essence of a puddle ducks, splashing in large muddy puddles or sending huge waves up and over the edge of the bathtub?  Water and those little ducks that you love from the moment they enter the world, go hand in hand so why not celebrate the arrival of a new duck (or baby) with a cute ducky themed shower.


Since we have a duck theme, we are going to need to have ducks.  You can have prints of ducks on the tablecloth, napkins and even on the balloons.  You will also need to have a few ducks around the room from stuffed ducks, rubber duckies and maybe even Ernie holding his rubber ducky.  If you don’t mind putting a big picture up on your wall or on a door, you should look into purchasing a cute little print out there that is often seen in preschools.  It features a duck in a raincoat holding large flowers over its head like they are an umbrella.  It is very, very cute and can give the whole room that Ducky feeling that you want without being overbearing.  To see the image go here.

A great centerpiece for the room can either be an inverted umbrella filled with flowers or a baby bathtub filled with all the essentials for baby’s bath.  Make sure to find duck prints for the towels, and face cloths. 

If you want to go with more of a puddle duck feel, instead of a bath time feel, definitely use the umbrella and then tie tear drop crystals from the edges of the umbrella or from the ceiling with fishing line.  The crystals will catch in the light and will cast rainbows around the room.

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When you choose your invitations, I would suggest choosing something with a duck on it.  You can find 100’s of them and it really comes down to what you would prefer to have for the image.  Keep it to the central idea around the theme.  If you want the theme to be rubber ducky, purchase an invitation where the duck is similar to a bath toy; if you are going with a puddle duck theme, choose a duck that reflects that theme.  This is one theme where you don’t need to explain it in the invitation unless the expectant mom is using a duck theme in the nursery and wants to have items that reflect that theme.

If you are looking for a Duck theme poem, try our poetry section.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

With a puddle duck theme, you will want to give a gift that really reflects the theme.  You could get together with a few other guests and give a bath time basket. That is a bathtub filled with all the things baby will need for bath time or you could give any item that has a duck featured on it.  Clothes are also a great idea for a duck theme since you can find many items that feature a ducky.  Lastly, if you don’t mind getting something for the new baby to grow into, get a cute raincoat and galoshes for the soon to be toddler (because let’s face it, that first year really flies by.)

A nice gift for the guests can be a stuffed duck with a large bow and maybe some tickets to a garden show or coupons for a garden center.  I’m not sure if it is just me but ducks always bring to mind Spring for me and with it comes the time to start putting in flowers for my garden.

For prizes, you could go with a rubber ducky, soaps shaped like ducks or umbrellas for those rainy days.

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Although you can go with any meal, you should definitely have a punch that you can place rubber duckies in.  Make sure that those duckies are washed before placing them into the punch.  You could also make blue punch with white ice cream floating on top and the ducks on top of the ice cream to make it look like a bath tub filled with water, bubbles and toys.

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Games are always so much fun and you can do a lot of them for a duck themed baby shower.  You can play Lucky Duck contributed by Emily F, or you could play a version of dress the baby where guests need to dress a stuffed animal (duck) in all the outdoor gear needed for a rainy day.  You can actually pick these cute little dress up ducks at various stores and they can serve as both the game and the prize.

Also: main games section

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