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Baby Safety Gifts


Keeping Baby Safe Shower


One of the most important tasks of a new mother is to keep her children safe.  This drive is so strong that it begins while she is still pregnant and you will find her wondering what foods, work environments and every day experiences may have a detrimental effect on her baby.  This desire to protect her child becomes even stronger once baby becomes a vocal presence in her life and a Keeping Baby Safe shower can be a wonderful way to say that you understand the task at hand and are ready to help out.

There are many ways to create an excellent Keeping Baby Safe shower and before you go and browse through my list of decorations, invitations and food, visit Samantha’s wonderful take on creating a Keeping Baby Safe Shower at Play and Learn!


This is one shower where you can get a little funky with the decorations and say that it totally reflects your theme.  Before you set out any themes, you should try to arrange your house like you would for a baby.  Place breakable items up and out of reach and make sure that there are no small items that can be easily swallowed.  Yes, I know, there probably aren’t any small children at the party, but humor me.

Next you will want to pick up a few of those corner bumpers to place on any sharp edges on your furniture.  Decorate them with streamers or bows and give them to the expectant mother at the end of the shower.  Once you have your furniture safety proofed against anyone banging their head on sharp corners, you will need to go out and get a few pairs of nylons, preferably the sock ones.  Have fun with the colors when you choose them and don’t stick with traditional beige.

Once you bring them home, insert a balloon inside them and inflate the balloon.  Tie off the end and you will have a baby safe balloon for all to enjoy. (If you’re wondering about the nylon covered balloons, you use them so baby can’t bite a balloon, pop it and then inhale a small piece of rubber.)  Place little cards near your child safety features explaining in point blank why you have decorated in this manner.  People will get a kick out of it and you will have some conversation pieces to start the party.

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You can have a lot of fun with a baby safety invitation.  You could make your own or simply custom order the ones that you want.  One great idea is to have a baby gate as the front of the card that guests swing open to reveal the information behind it.  It can be very simple to make and is a clever way to explain your theme.  Even if you have it written in bold letters, it is still recommended that you mention the theme and ask guests to bring baby safety presents.

Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

When you are gifting at a Keeping Baby Safe shower, all you have to do is go down the baby safety aisle.  Don’t feel like you need to stick with outlet plugs and cabinet locks to gift for this type of shower.  There are many other gifts that you can purchase including baby gates, baby monitors, a car seat, a stroller, things for the car, the stroller, and things for the bathroom.  You can also look at baby’s overall health and well being and purchase him or her things like snugglies, teddy bears, toys and clothing because there is more to keeping baby safe than just having a few baby gates attached to the wall.

A great gift for the guests can be either a voucher for them to go and get their first aid certificate or a guide for healthy and safe living.

Prizes can include all the stuff for adult safety.  Flashlights, matches, first aid kits, roadside safety kits and the good ol’ mom’s safety and survival kit.

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I’m not really going to tell you what to have, but I will suggest a few things that you shouldn’t have since we are talking about safety at this shower.  Avoid anything with peanuts, shellfish, and honey.  These can cause some serious reactions in a child under two so try practicing not eating them at a safety shower.  If you want to slip in a bit of healthy living in your safety shower, try having some nice Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps for a main entree and lots of veggies and fruit to go with it.

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Although there are no specific baby safety games, you can create your own or alter a few to have a safety theme.  One idea is to play, Baby First Aid.  This is where you have several dolls to be baby, or if your guests are up to it, they can be baby, and you split your guests up into teams.  Each team has to fix a baby using first aid and a first aid kit.  This means bandaging up arms, heads, legs, making a sling and making sure that baby is all patched up.  The team that finishes first, with the bandages staying on, wins.

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