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Welcome Little Lamb by Marcy
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Baby Lamb Gifts


Little Lamb Baby Shower


The soft wool of a little lamb brings images of sun soaked fields and innocence to the mind’s eye.  It is no surprise that lambs have found their way into both nurseries and baby showers since they are as sweet and loving as a new baby.  A Little Lamb baby shower isn’t going to feature a young lamb frolicking around your living room, but it will celebrate the newest Little Lamb that will be joining a group of family and friends that can’t wait to bring him or her out into sun kissed fields of laughter.


For a little lamb baby shower, I would suggest using decorations in soft greens, pale lilacs and white.  Balloons and streamers can be in all three colors and so can tablecloths.  This is a great time to triple layer your tablecloths with the green on the bottom, a smaller lilac tablecloth next and an even smaller white tablecloth on the top.

Placing small stuffed lambs around the room and a handful of little lamb ornaments will also draw your theme into the room.  Another great decoration idea is to place a basinet in the corner of the room under a pool of sunshine, fill it with matching little lamb bedding and a few little lamb stuffed animals and you have a central decoration for the party and a great gift for the mom to be.

Lastly, I would use a variety of wild flowers to add a bright contrast to the delicate coloring that you are using.  Think of common field flowers that a lamb might see as it dances between golden rays of sunshine.  Some nice choices are Turk’s Cap, Cardinal Flower, Columbine, and Butterfly Weed.  There are many different kinds of wild flowers and many of them have a softer scent, which is wonderful for people with allergies.  One word of caution about using wild flowers - try not to choose ones that have a lot of pollen or are common allergy triggers.

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With these invitations, you will want to pull in the three colors that I mentioned for the theme colors, soft green, pale lilac and white.  Use the green for lettering, the white for the card and the lilac for the accents on the invitation such as the bow around the lamb’s neck that is thoughtfully embossed on the invitation.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

A little lamb shower does not need to have only lambs, and you do not need to stick with the theme when you are purchasing your gift; this is after all about the little baby that will born soon and he or she will need countless items to make his or her life much more comfortable.  Furniture, clothing and all the little gadgets that mom can use are great choices, and if you happen to find something with a little lamb on it, by all means purchase away.

For the guests, I would suggest white handkerchiefs that are accented in lilac and tied with a green ribbon, candies wrapped in your theme colors or something made from wool such as a wool blanket, wool socks or a beautiful wool scarf.

Prizes can be stuffed animals, more of those little candies, the wild flowers you have purchased and maybe some little soaps that are shaped like lambs, which you can find at some specialty soap stores.

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For a little lamb shower, I would lean towards a tea party style meal, something that you could see beautiful women sitting and eating as they looked out at rolling fields of greens.  Have a variety of teas and other beverages for guests who don’t like tea, along with some smaller sandwiches and desserts.  Cool cucumber sandwiches and tuna sandwiches can be very nice.  Scones, sponge cakes and tarts can round off the meal very quickly.  Don’t forget to offer a few veggie and fruit finger foods to make it a well rounded meal.

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One game that I would suggest for a little lamb shower is to freeze some small plastic lambs in ice cube trays.  Take them out of the freezer about a half hour before the party and keep them in the fridge.  Guests are given an ice cube and told to birth their lambs.  The first guest who can get the lamb out of the ice cube wins a prize.  You could also play Cotton Balls contributed by Shelly.

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