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Noah's Ark Baby Shower Gift Basket
Noah's Ark Baby Shower
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Noah's Ark Baby Shower


One of the most popular nursery themes today is Noah’s Ark.  You can find just about anything for a baby’s nursery that has a depiction of a cute bubbly boat overflowing with even cuter bubbly animals.  It can be found in knick knacks, stuffed animals, bedding, wall paper, and even clothing.  There is a lot that you can do with a Noah’s Ark theme for a shower and it is a great idea for an expectant mother who is decorating her nursery in the same theme.


Since we are on an Ark floating towards a celebration of baby, let’s tie this theme into the decorations.  This would be a great shower to have outdoors in the garden but you can easily pull it off inside as well.  If you want to reflect the sky above the boat, place sheer light blue cloth on the ceiling and have it billowing down to the four corners of the room.  This isn’t a necessary decoration but why not go for it all when you have this sweet theme.

Add some balloons and streamers and try to find some animal shaped balloons (or ones with animals printed on them).  Do the table cloths in a sea blue and also place a blue carpet or blanket down for the guests to stack their gifts.  If you are really generous, you could make or purchase one of those outdoor toy boats for the gifts to be placed in; baby’s first boat (ark).

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There are so many Noah’s Ark invitations out there that I have personally lost count.  You can go with a full image of the ark teeming with all the cute critters or you could go with a small embossed image on the corner of the invitation.  Make sure you mention if the nursery is being done in a Noah’s Ark theme for gift giving.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Why Noah’s Ark of course but don’t feel limited to the theme.  A gift registry for mom makes this a bit easier especially if she is having the theme in the nursery, and it will keep people from purchasing the same items.  Gifts could be anything from bedding and furniture to toys and clothes.

For the guests, I would suggest giving a small ornament or snow globe that features Noah’s Ark.  There are many beautiful pictures of Noah’s Ark that you could give to guests in a print for another gift idea.

The game prizes can be anything from stuffed animals, little knick knacks, or regular prizes and party favors.

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You can have a lot of fun with the food.  Try serving in dishes that are shaped like boats or animals or have that print on them.  You can have Noah’s Ark printed on the napkins, paper plates and glasses.  The food could be desserts shaped like animals, punch with animal ice cubes and a toy boat floating on the surface (make sure you use a new toy) and a Noah’s Ark themed cake.  Most stores have one or more cake ideas centered around Noah’s Ark so look around or make the one that you want.

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You can use any game for a Noah’s Ark baby shower, but you can change it to reflect the theme.  One way to do this is to take the Guess How Many Candies are in the Bottle and make it a guess how many animals are on the ark by filling a boat toy full of small plastic animals.  People can take a guess and the person closest to the guess wins the prize.  You could also have find the alligator (or other animal).  Take several large bowls and fill them with multiple plastic toy animals with only one alligator in each. Blind fold the participants and have them search through their bowl for their alligator.  The first person to find it wins.  Changing the supplies used for the game can reflect the theme completely.

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