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Twin Baby Gifts

Peas in a Pod Baby Shower


Although John Keats (1821) was speaking of a different type of pea in his poem, I stood tip-toe upon a little hill, there is little doubt that his words, “Here are sweet peas, on tip-toe for a flight: With wings of gentle flush o’er delicate white, And taper fingers catching at all things, To bind them all about with tiny rings,” could be referring to the delicate fingers of a sleeping infant or two.

In fact this is what this theme is all about, celebrating the arrival of not one but two babies.  This is after all the perfect theme for a mother, who is expecting twins, and the Peas in a Pod Shower can be lots of fun and you can easily alter it to accommodate the arrival of girls, boys, both, triplets or more.


What color are peas?  You guessed it, green.  So the main color that you are going to use when you are decorating is green.  Green balloons and streamers will help tie in the theme but don’t feel like you need to stick with just green since peas start as flowers after all.  The flowers of peas can be pink, purple, and white so pull your accent colors from the flowering part of the plant.

You can also add flowers by having arrangements of Sweet Peas filling the room.  You can also have cut outs of pea pods with two peas in the pod and you can stamp your own or have them printed onto paper napkins and table cloths.  It is also easy to find an image in clipart albums of two peas in a pod and print them onto transfers to place on tablecloths for decorations.

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For a peas in a pod shower, I would purchase invitations that look like an envelope and need to be folded open to reveal the message inside since you need to open a pea pod to get to the good stuff.  Have them printed in a soft green and use deep green for the lettering.  Embellish with an embossed peas in a pod image and you are all set.  Make sure that you let guests know that there are two babies on the way since relatives and friends that do not see the mother to be very often may not know that she is expecting more than one baby.

If you are looking for a Peas in the Pod poem, try our poetry section.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Gifts can be fairly typical but there are some neat things for twins that you can purchase.  The one consideration to give to purchasing a gift is that you should purchase two gifts, one for each baby, unless you are buying a bigger item like a double stroller.

For the guests, I would pair up the gifts.  Things like a movie voucher with a concession stand voucher or to pull the theme of pea pods, I would give a nice jar of home canned peas and a basket of sweet pea flowers.  Potpourri in bags can be another gift and to add the theme, simply add some dried peas to the potpourri mixture.

Prizes for games can be video rental vouchers, soaps and garden items like spades, packages of seeds and little garden decorations.

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No you don’t need to feed just peas at this party but you could offer a split pea soup if you really want to stick with the theme.  Generally, you would offer the regular baby shower type of food depending on the time of day when the shower is occurring.  One special item you might want to have is a twin cake or peas in a pod cake where there is a pea pod on the cake or it is shaped like a pea pod.

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Some great games to play at a Peas in a Pod shower are Clay or Play Dough Babies contributed by Jennifer, The Ribbon Game contributed by Renata, and Juggling Twins! contributed by Jessica.  Also since you have a veggie theme happening, why not play Veggy Fruit Race contributed by Alize.  Remember though to keep the games fairly low key since many mothers expecting twins are placed on bed rest fairly early in their pregnancy.

Also: main games section


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