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Little Red Wagon


By Christina

Cars and Planes, Little Red Wagons, Big Choo Choo Trains, Balls and Bats and Baseball Gloves, All the Things Little Boys Love!


I made the tableclothes using 3 yards of fabric with a ribbon easily sewed to the bottom edge.  No hemming or anything.  The tableclothes were red with black and white polka dot ribbon, black with red and white polka dot ribbon and black with white polka dot fabric with plain red ribbon.  I have since used these same tableclothes for other showers just by removing the ribbon at the bottom and sewing on different colored ribbon.

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Our Little Red Wagon theme uses unconventional baby shower colors, red, black and white.  I handmade the invites using scrapbooking paper and cardstock.  Black cardstock partially covered with white scrapbooking paper that had black polka dots then red cardstock covering that leaving only edges of black and polka dot showing, vellum with the poem on the very top and a red bow glued to the top of that.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

I bought a radio flyer wagon as a gift and put in on the gift table then piled gifts in it.  I also found small radio flyer wagons online and used them on my tablescape 1 for nuts and the other for mints.  I also found a very small Radio Flyer wagon for the cake topper.

The goodie gift bags I sent home with each guest were clear party baggies filled with "crows" black licorice drops and cherry sour balls tied with red and white ribbon and a handmade tag of black with white polka dot scrapbooking paper and an address label with a red wagon image I found online that said "Thanks for Celebrating With Us".

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As the guests arrived I asked each one to fill out their mailing information on a blank envelope.  These envelopes belonged to the Thank You cards I purchased for the mother to be.  Once they were all filled out and put in the basket later during the party I had the mother to be draw one envelope out and that person won a prize.  And the mother to be had all of her thank you card envelopes addressed and ready to go!

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