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Words of Wisdom Shower


If you ask someone for a piece of advice, chances are they will answer.  That’s the way life is and the way people are in general.  We crave for times when we can share a little bit of knowledge whether it’s about how to start your own business or the best way to get through a night with baby crying every 2 hours.  Everyone has some little slice of wisdom that they can share and a Words of Wisdom shower will let everyone shine when it comes to their specialty.


A words of wisdom baby shower does not need a lot of extras. The whole point is to share with the mother to be advice that can’t be measured or really seen.  For this reason, I would go with simple white accents to a room through the table cloths, napkins and flowers.  Use varying shades of white for the accent and add a touch of color in your floral arrangements with a blue belly or soft pink baby’s breath. 

Since advice is worth more than gold, my final touch to the room would be to have about a dozen, or two, of gold helium balloons.  Don’t tie them down but instead have them floating on the ceiling with white ribbon hanging from each one and tied to a card with a small bit of advice.

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Again, we want something simple but also reflecting what you are looking for in a shower. Start with a simple white invitation that is accented in gold.  Don’t get one that is too extravagant and if you can add a poem or little story about wisdom.  There are many out there or you can write one yourself to personalize it.  Make sure that you explain what the shower theme is so people can come with some advice handy.  On the RSVP’s, ask for special words of wisdom that your guest would like to share.  This does not have to be related directly to parenting and could be a simple Zen saying that you have always followed.  When you get the RSVP back you can either transfer the sayings to the balloon cards or place them right on the ribbon.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Gifts for the mother can be just about anything that is baby related or even “for Mommy” related.  Crib shirts, sleepers, and other clothes are great choices as are bottles and all the other items that kids will need.  The large items, like cribs and swings, can also be great choices.  The only thing I would suggest is giving the mommy to be a little tidbit of advice inside the card.

For the guests, I would purchase books that give advice.  There are hundreds of these on the market and they can be for anything; advice for sisters, friends, moms, and so on or simple words of wisdom for everyday life.  You could also give out little faux, pearls of wisdom bracelets or a wish pearl.

Party favors can be just about anything as well but I would stick with books, journals and pens for guests to write down her own words and daily wisdoms that she loves.

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A Words of Wisdom shower could go very nicely with an elegant luncheon or with a fine buffet with fancy rolled sandwiches and light desserts.  I wouldn’t make the meal to heavy since there won’t be a lot of activities where guests will be jumping around and burning off the food.  Too heavy of a meal means too many guests feeling sleepy half way through the shower.

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One great game to play is to give every guest a sheet of paper and have them guess who sent in which piece of advice floating above their heads.  If you do this you will obviously have to transfer the sayings to blank sheets where names are omitted but it can be a lot of fun.  Guests will be surprised at some words of wisdom especially if something racy came from someone very quiet.  If you aren’t up for that game, try Motherly Advice contributed by Tammy.

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