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This isn't a game itself - it's more of a 'game-aid' for all the other games you will be playing at the shower.

For a lot of baby shower games, you need a piece of paper to write on. Ahead of time, figure out all the games you'll be playing at the shower and print out all the 'forms' they need (a page labeled "Baby Food Game" with 10 numbered blanks if you are playing the game where you guess what's in the baby food jars; a blank bingo card on one page if you are playing Baby Bingo, etc.)

Make a cover that has a cute baby picture (like an Anne Geddes photo) with the baby's stats (name if already decided, or just "Baby (Last Name)", due date, etc.)

Make a back page that has places for guests to write in: their name and address, messages to the mom and baby, guesses on birth date, weight, length, eye and hair color, boy and girl name ideas (if name hasn't been picked yet). Print out enough for each guest and then staple together.

Guests can use the booklets to write in their answers for the baby shower games. At the end of the shower, the back page is torn off and given to the mother-to-be.

The guests get to keep their books as souvenirs, and the new mom keeps the back pages as a record of who attended, memoirs for the baby, and names and addresses will be handy for sending thank you cards later.

It also makes the hostess's job easier since she doesn't have to stop and make sure guests have a sheet of paper before every game - they just need one booklet to last during the whole shower!


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