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Long Distance Baby Shower
contributed by Koreen

This is more of a collection of games that are good for having a long-distance baby shower. So often, family members and friends live too far away to participate in a local baby shower but would like to.

When you send out the invitations for the baby shower, send invitations to relatives and friends that are far away as well. Give them a range of times to send their gift instead of the specific date and time of the baby shower. Send a baby shower game form along with the invitation and give them a due date to respond.

I've included the following games in past showers, but there are others too:

1. Guess the baby's birth weight, length, date and time.

2. Guess mother-to-be's belly circumference on a specified date (have mom and dad-to-be measure her belly on that date).

3. The Perfect Baby game (see the list - that's where I got it).

You will be surprised at the number of responses you get. It makes everyone feel involved in the shower, even though they cannot attend. After the baby is born, you can make little postcards to everyone informing them of who won and send prizes to the winners. It's a little more work, because you may get a list of 40 people for the shower instead of the usual dozen or so, but it's worth it!

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