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"Remember When" for Grandmothers
contributed by Laurie G.

Congratulations, Grandmother!

Can’t you just picture the proud parents coming to visit without having to take the majority of the baby’s "equipment"? Less stress for everyone and more time to enjoy the baby.

Showers for grandparents, especially with the first grandchild, are very popular. Gifts can range from the everyday necessities (diapers, powder, cream, etc.) to larger items like a baby bed, rocking chair, or baby carrier.

It would be fun to do a “Remember When” shower. Find old pictures of both grandparents, maybe when they had their first child or were children themselves. Create a scrapbook with old pictures, anecdotes, advice on how to spoil grandchildren, even advice on how not to give advice unless asked for.

This type of shower could be held as a potluck dinner buffet with each guest bringing their favorite dish and spending time “Remembering When”.

LU 150607

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