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Pickles & Ice Cream
contributed by Beachlover

Serve ice cream or make homemade ice cream, and offer a variety of sundae toppings.

Serve in inexpensive sundae dishes which can be found at most home goods stores and sometimes those "everything for a dollar" stores. You may also have a pickle tray with different varieties of pickles!

Another option is to have an ice cream "tasting," similar to a wine tasting. Be sure to have lots of those cute little cups and spoons!

Have an ice cream cake; decorate with pickles made from icing.

Invitations can be created with pickles and ice cream theme.

Guests can write in a journal to tell mom-to-be what to do if she "gets in a pickle" with her newborn.

Upon arrival have guests with children secretly write on a note card foods they craved when they were pregnant. Later use the note cards in a game to see if others can match the moms to their favorite pregnancy food. Guests who are not mothers may be included by having them either write what their own mother craved or what they think they will crave if they are ever pregnant.

Send each guest home with an inexpensive ice cream scoop with a small card attached with ribbon stating "What's the Scoop?" Then have the guest of honor's name, the date, the event, etc. printed on the card.

LU 150607

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