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April Shower, Baby Flower
contributed by Nikki Lott

If your baby is due in April like mine is, or if you are having a shower in April, this is a fantastic theme.

For the invitations, the title said, "April showers will bring Mommy and Daddy a baby flower!"

For favors, we had a friend make chocolate flower lollipops, cover them and then put them in a flower pot with rice to support them. They serve as decorations and as favors! Guest just take them from the tables when they go.

For more decorations, we created pens and markers with fake flowers taped to the top so that when they are also put in a flower pot or watering tin with rice, it looks like a decoration, but it has practical use for signing in and playing games. We used all sorts of flowers and could use all of the decorations after the shower.

If the party is smaller, you could use mini taracotta pots (available at craft stores) and just include a packet of your baby's flower for the month - Sweetpea for April babies - or pot a little plant for them.

It was the perfect party for my little "Sweetpea" and it didn't cost much to decorate!

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