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Play and Learn! (baby CPR)
contributed by Samantha

When my best friend was having her first child, we were more than excited to plan her event! I wanted most of it to be a surprise though, so I had to think of things that "hadn't been done yet".

We played a few typical games from the past events such as name games and talked about where we all had met and so on, but for the big surprise I hired a nurse from the local major hospital to come in and teach us all about baby CPR!

It was a blast. The nurse was entertaining as well as very informative, and we all joked that now she had 12 NEW "certified" babysitters lined up so she and her hubby could go out more!

Afterwards, she was so thankful, because even though this friend could have run her own "babysitter's club" growing up, there were so many things we learned that day that none of us had even thought of for emergencies, etc! (and 75% of us were mothers already!)

It was a great day and I actually went to another shower a year later where the hostess "apologized" for "stealing" my idea minutes before a nurse walked thru the door carrying her demonstration bag! HAHA

P.S. The demo is approximately 30 minutes long, so it is a welcome event and does not take too much away from the party itself.

Editors Note:
This is a really cool baby shower idea!


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