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Baby's Birthday Party
Contributed by Lauren Pfister

If the new baby is already born, a baby shower is great to show the new little one off to all the relatives and close friends and it also makes things easy on hostesses. My baby niece Zoey was born a month ago and I had a ball decorating for it. Zoey's room is painted beautifully with a magenta pink and grass green . . .

For the tables: I put 3 pictures on each table of Zoey and decorated the frames with ribbon and tiny rattles, pins, and block letters. I found little booties and ironed-on Zoey on the top and put one in between each frame; then I filled the booties with 4 candies Z O E Y in pink and green outlining the circle, but first I put a cotton ball in the bottom and a mini cupcake holder on top of that to hold the pieces. (I decorated the candies about 2 weeks before the party, and the colors faded a bit, so wait til the last day or two of decorating to write on these.) In the middle of the circle I cut off pieces of pink and green ribbon and tossed them in there.

For the gift table, I had painted magenta block letters with green polka dots, my sister-in-law loved this and knew exactly where to put it in Zoey's room. We put a larger picture of Zoey on the table and we made a diaper cake. It was a big hit, lot's of work, but it was worth it (hint: to make the diapers stick, use double-sided adhesive tape).

we played the candybar diaper game (stick 10 different candybars in 10 different diapers and heat them for 20 seconds). It was tons of fun!!! lots of laughs.

A carriage cut out of a watermelon with fruit inside. Gumdrops, mints and nuts.

Party favors:
We let the guests take the decorated pictures home, this was especially exciting to the aunts and great aunts.

Have a great time!


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