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Pamper the Mommies Party
or Pamper Party

Contributed by Amy S:
I was having a small intimate shower for our second child. My host suggested a pamper party. We called the local cosmetology school and they suggested some student that need extra money.

We had a 20 minute massages, pedicures and facials for the guests at $15 to $20 each. Since we didn't need much we asked the guests to bring a small gift and some cash instead - so they could pamper themselves.

Contributed by Valerie J:
For a friend, I had a Spa (Pamper the mommy-to-be and ourselves) Baby Shower.

A friend of mine sells Sensaria Home Spa products. She sent me a spa-in-a-box with enough samples of a variety of wonderful products. In the invitation, I asked the guests to all bring along a tub (for soaking their feet), and I had a prize for the goofiest tub.

We had a nice light dinner in the dining room with all my good china and silverware. Soft music playing in the background.

Then in another room of the house, I had a circle of chairs set up, towels on the floor in front of each chair (to put their tub on), towels over the arm of the chair and a scrubbie glove that I found on the $1 rack at Target (they were even blue and pink).

After we had finished eating, I instructed each lady to go into the kitchen (where I had placed their tubs when they arrived) and had them fill them with warm water then bring them into the "Spa Room." I had aromatherapy oil wafting in the air, more soft music playing.

They sat down, I put some foot soak stuff in the tub, and all the guests relaxed as we tried each product that my friend had recommended. But most you could probably buy anywhere.

First I had warmed washcloths set that had been scented with oil for them to place over their eyes for a few moments. Then, foot scrub stuff ... then body wash for use with their mitt, then other salt scrub stuff for their calves & hands ... then dry off and lotion for their feet and lotion for their hands and legs.

It was great! So relaxing!

Then we all moved into the living room for the mommy-to-be to open her gifts. I had a baby bath tub set up where all the ladies had placed their gifts in when they had arrived and a diaper cake as a room decoration.

The guests all raved!

Editor's Note: It's hard to see how any shower idea based on pampering could fail ;-)


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