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"Celebration of New Life"
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Contributed by Shannon

The book shower - I am throwing a "Celebration of a New Life" party for my pregnant sister. This is will be her second child and my niece Annabelle will be 1yr 10mo when the new baby arrives. So I'm planning to have Annabelle be the "Honorary Hostess" at the party for her new sibling.

We decided to call it a Celebration instead of a shower because we are planning something more "low Key" and my sister has so much already from Annabelle's two different baby showers.

We plan to have the party at a local children's park due to many of her friends having young children. This way the mothers can bring them and since my sister has moved out of state, this will be a great way to visit with all her college girlfriends and their little ones.

We will incorporate the idea of finger foods, since we'll be at a park, we are planning a “picnic lunch" with blankets, shade trees, and books!  Annabelle loves to read and even at her young age, she prefers her books over her toys any day, however most of her favorites are "worn" already.

Since reading is so important to my sister and I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing how smart my niece is (she "sign's" as well), I was very excited about having a Book themed party for the new baby and help establish their family library. We thought about including a list of ones they want that they don't have, however since some have already began to "wear", we plan to just ask guests to bring the favorites, (maybe even share stories at the party about why they are favorites).

I thought it would be great to have a "story time" as well for the children, reading excerpts from the books the family give as gifts. We are including Book plates as well, for the gift givers to leave a special message for the new baby, as well as bookmarks as favors with a special thank you from the baby and the family. 

Invites will include this note: 

“We don't need fancy clothes,
or any more toys to drive us wild.
Instead please bring a book,
your favorite as a child."

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