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Baby Shower Q&A:  Games


It's been a long time since I've been to a baby shower, let alone, hosted one. My daughter is having a baby in December. With the baby shower games, what kind of gifts do you get for the winners?

If you read through any of our baby shower themes, there is actually a large list of ideas for prizes.

In general, it can be anything from books to toys. I have found that dollar store items work really well and I like to keep the price of the prize below 5 dollars, unless you feel comfortable with a higher price range.

I want to know how to play baby shower games

Basically, you would play a baby shower game the way that you would any other game.  Let the guests know when you will be starting a game and then follow the directions for the game.  If it is a team game, have the guests form teams and then spread out around the room. Once the game is done, award the prizes.  We have dozens of baby shower games on our site.


I am hosting a baby shower for my sister. I have a couple questions. Do I buy baby items as prizes or something that the winner would like to take home? How many games should be played during a shower? Thanks any information will be appreciated.

When it comes to games at a baby shower, there really is no limit to the number that you have or don’t have, since every shower is different. You may find that you are enjoying each other’s company so much that you don’t have time to throw any games.  Generally, expect to play about 2 to 5 games, sometimes more, many times less.  I like to plan for about 6 so I have extra if I need them.  Usually you will have a game that runs through the entirety of the shower like Baby Pins, and then you will have games that take only 10 to 20 minutes to play. Also read through our main baby shower games section for more information.

The prizes for the games can be just about anything.  Sure you can go with baby themed items, but let’s face it, how many people are going to put them to good use.  Instead, try to link the prizes to your theme or try to have things that women (and men, if you are having a couples shower) would like.  Things like hand creams, gift certificates and other grown up items are great choices.  Another great idea is to use your decorations as prizes.  Stuffed animals, flower arrangements, knick knacks and plants can all be given as prizes and it will kill two birds with one stone, one, you won’t have to clean those items up and two, you won’t have to spend as much on the shower.


I am having a baby shower this weekend and I’m stumped about how to go about it as far as games, prizes, etc could you guide me, it would sure be appreciated... thanks so much. - Mary B.

As far as the games, we have a large collection of ideas here including many that have been submitted by other hostesses.  A very easy game to put together are Baby Pins where each guest has a clothespin on their shirt and if they hear someone say “Baby,” they get to take the person’s pin  (or one of the pins), also if they say “Baby,” and someone hears them, they lose one of their pins.  The person with the most pins wins.  You could also play Guess the number of candy in the baby bottle and guess how big mommy’s tummy is with yarn where guests measure out enough yarn that they believe will wrap around the expectant mom’s tummy.  After everyone has their yarn, they each take turns measuring their yarn around her tummy.  The person with the yarn closest to fitting her without going over or under is the winner.

For the prizes, go out and get some samples from a spa, things like hand lotions or fancy soaps and give those out as the prizes to the guests.  You could also purchase a spa certificate to give as a big door prize.  Anything works for a prize, and they can range from silly toys to expensive gifts.  We love the ready-to-go gifts and personalized items on the party favors page.


Do you have to play games at a shower?

No, you don’t need to play games but you should have some type of entertainment, whether that is an entertainer, scrapbooking or other craft, or a facial or spa treatment.  If you want to forgo entertainment altogether, shorten the length of your shower, slightly, and then you can rely on good food, good conversations and gift giving to fill the time.  This format can create a wonderful shower as well.

If you are doing an activity that keeps everyone busy, the shower will feel more like a nice get together and less like a shower.  You could also arrange your seating so people can sit and talk in one area and those that want to do the games can play them in a separate area.


I am hosting a baby shower. We are going to play games. What do you  recommend as prizes?

That's great that you are going to be throwing a baby shower.  It can be a lot of fun!  When it comes to prizes, I would recommend that you let your baby shower theme and your budget decide what the prizes should be.  I have been to showers where items, including toys, from a baby shower are given as prizes and others where nice hand lotions and body washes were given. 

The main point about games is that it doesn't need to be anything big.  If you want a large prize for your guests, you could have a gift basket filled with lots of little goodies from bath and beauty supplies to chocolate.  Guests can put their name into a draw for the large gift basket and then they can play for fuzzy dice.

One suggestion that I love to make with a baby shower is to use your decorations as the game prizes.  Baskets of flowers, stuffed animals and a million other little details that you can add to a space can be used for a prize and it will help keep your costs down.

For more ideas on prizes, I would recommend reading our article It's about the Bling and also our section on Favors and Prizes.  Also, all of our themes have a few prize suggestions.


I'm the mother of a mother-to-be and I'm hosting a baby shower for her in the next couple of weeks, I have been looking for a game that is a poem about Wright and left, do you have that one I don't know the name of it but one time we played at another shower that I attended and I think it was a lot of fun to play.  Thanks for your site, it is wonderful I have been following a lot of your advice.  Thank you so much. - Barbara

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother and that is wonderful that you are throwing a baby shower for your daughter.  I'm glad that has been helping you out with your planning, and we would be happy to hear about the baby shower

In regards to your question, I am not sure but I think you may be referring to the Wright Family Christmas poem. Hopefully this is the poem you are looking for, but if it isn't, please let me know and I will try to find another one.


Does the mother to be play the games at her shower? - Sheena

Thank you for contacting with your question and we are very happy to help.  The answer to your question is yes, unless you are playing a game where she needs to be the judge, or when she is a prop for the game such as the ribbon game.  Any game where there is no need for judging or for mom to be the token model, such as the clothespin game where people lose clothespins if they say baby.


I am giving my daughter a baby shower and I have a  question, when guests win a prize are they suppose to give it to the  mom-to-be at the end of the baby shower?

Generally, the prizes that are won during the games are given to the winner of the game. These are little things that make the guests feel special and will encourage them to play with enthusiasm. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get the game rolling!


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