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Baby Shower Q&A: Themes


What is the perfect theme for a twin’s shower?

Any theme can be adapted for twins but some great shower ideas for a new mom expecting twins are Peas in a Pod and Double Your Fun.


I am looking for a timeline theme, where you put in the invitation things like “It’s 3 am, baby is cold and wet” so that person brings PJ’s etc.  Any ideas?

Future Grandpa

Congratulations!  In regards to the timeline theme, we have just the page for you or rather two pages for you.  Our Time of Day shower focuses on the actual times of a baby’s day or you could go with the first year of baby’s life with a Baby’s First theme.


I am giving a baby shower for my sister.  She is having a boy.  She and her husband are really big Ohio State Fans, as a matter of fact, his cousin is the starting quarterback.  I would really like to (somehow) incorporate the"Buckeyes" into this shower...  Got any ideas?

Thank You in advance for any advice you might be able to give.
Jennifer H.

Sounds like a great shower idea and you can visit our Sport’s Fan theme ideas page for more information on great tips on throwing a perfect sports shower.  One thing I would strongly recommend is tapping that wonderful resource that you have with the starting quarterback.  He might not be accessible to you but the expectant grandmother might be able to get him to send over some team swag.  Use the swag for decorations and for prizes and gift bags.  Other than that, just use the team colors for decorations and use the team logo throughout your space and maybe even on the cake.


Hello! My sister-in-law is currently pregnant and I was thinking of planning her baby shower. She told me that she spefically wants a Muppet Babies themed baby shower. I have been shopping around, looking to see if I can find anything. The only thing I have seen so far are invitations on Ebay. Do you happen to know of any sites or stores where I may find these decorations? Even if it's just decorations for a childs birthday party because I can get creative? Or, do you have any ideas that might help me to achieve this goal? Thank you so much for your time and hope you can help me in this situation! From, Desperate

One option is to make your invitations. There are many stamps or stickers for muppets or you could run card stock through your printer and then find some muppet babies pictures on the internet.

For decorations, I would suggest picking up a few muppet babies stuffed animals and putting them around the room and using one or two as the center piece for the buffet table (if they are going with snacks and fingerfoods). Also use primary colours for balloons and other decorations since Muppet Babies used a lot of primaries in the show and lastly, scatter brightly coloured confetti over the floor to make it a fun and playful atmosphere.

Old games can be tailored and given muppet babies names, and prizes could be done in primaries and could include a few of those stuffed muppets. Also the muppets can be given to your sister-in-law for the baby's nursery. I believe there are a few how to recipes on making a muppet baby cake but check a local bakery to see if they do photocakes. If they do (and they allow trademarked images) provide them with the same picture that you put on the invitations.


I am doing a Newest Rookie of the Year for my sister. The cake is to made in the shape of a jersy and the invitions too. The food will be bbq hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, and pretzels. I am looking for chocolate baseballs to put in a jar for the guess how many you know where i can find them? All the colors are for the Seattle Mariners for newest rookie. I thought this a cool theme even if it is along the same lines as take me to the ball game. -Gwen P.

That is a great theme idea for your shower and you have lots of excellent ideas!

For the chocolate baseballs, I would recommend going to a chocolate store.  I have a handy one in my town that makes chocolates but you might not be so fortunate.  If you can’t find them at a local chocolate shop, there are many online stores offering these cute little treats for very good prices.  If you don’t want to order them online, try using the baseball gum balls or make your own chocolate baseballs with a chocolate mold, which you can pick up from many baking shops.


Hello, the godmother to be of my child and the baby's father's niece are throwing my baby shower. My nickname has been cupcake so they are making it a cupcake themed baby shower. Got any ideas how to incoperate that into the shower if its either a boy or girl? Thank you, Jillena

That is a very cute idea for a baby shower and there are many ways to create a cupcake theme and apply it to both a boy or a girl. 

First is obviously the food.  You can use cupcake tins and cupcake liners for serving food.  Place little finger foods inside the cupcake papers or put in a trail mix inside the cupcake tin.  For the cake, you could spell out BABY using cupcakes or you could make a variety of cupcake shapes with them.  If you would like to go with a straight cake, I would recommend purchasing the Wilton cake pan that creates a giant cupcake for guests to it.

When it comes to decorations, I would suggest streamers that have cupcakes on them and brightly colored balloons.  You can also go with a theme that is similar to little miss muffet but instead make it little miss cupcake.  Decorate the space with light airy fabrics that can be billowed to look like the frosting on a cupcake and fill the space with round pillows to represent the cupcake.

For games, you could play Floating Baby but instead of ice cubes, freeze them in a mini cupcake tins. You could also play Name that Food but you could make a variety of cupcakes and guests need to name the cupcake flavor.

Lastly, you can give your guests little cupcake charms in their gift bags or you can provide baking supplies.  You could also make a little book of the best cupcake recipes to give out to everyone before they leave.

I hope that some of these ideas will be helpful and please feel free to share your shower story with us.


I'm giving a baby shower for two sisters who are having their babies a week apart from each other and one is having twins boys and her sister is having a girl Any suggestions for the theme for this one? I would like this to be a special one for them considering their father is very ill and might not here long to be with them. I would like include him in on the shower to make extra special to remember their father when he is no longer here.  Please, any ideas? -Michelle

It is wonderful that you are planning a shower for both sisters at once and I can imagine how much is involved in throwing a joint shower.  I am sorry to hear about your friends' father and I understand how important this shower will be to both your friends and their father. 

With themes, you can do just about anything but if you would like to their father to be an important part of the shower, I would recommend hosting a "Grandpa's Little Sweeties" shower. This has a double message since his daughters are his little sweeties as well.  You can have pictures of your friends with their dad through the years and you can decorate with a few special memories in line.  Sort of like a "remember when" theme. 

This is a great way to add a few extra gifts to the room so for instance, "Remember when Dad bought us a special stuffed animal," could be a space in the room filled with various stuffed animals that could be given out to guests for prizes or simply brought home for the babies. 

If you would prefer to have a regular themed shower taken from one of our many themes, that is no problem at all.  Include your friends' dad in the activities and planning, maybe help him find the perfect gift that they will cherish for years to come and also make sure that you take lots of photos of them all together.  The main point is to simply celebrate, not just the babies, but also the moments that the sisters still have with their dad and all the moments that they have shared.


I went to a baby shower where a gift was given. It was a clothes line full of clothes in a laundry basket and laundry detergent. A poem was read and they started passing the clothes line around the room. Does anyone have the poem that goes with this gift?

I am not sure what poem you are thinking of but I am aware of the clothesline/laundry basket baby shower.  It may be the following poem but if it isn't, please let me know and I will try to find it for you: "The Clothesline Said So Much" by Marilyn K. Walker which can be found on our clothesline poems page.


Does the theme of the shower have to match the theme for the nursery?

That is a very good question that many people wonder about. The simple answer is no, the theme does not have to match the nursery.  That being said, if the mother to be wants specific items for the nursery, you will need to mention on the invitation what the nursery theme is.


Do you have a baby shower question that we have not covered?






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