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Pink and Blue Sandwiches


The first time I saw these little sandwiches I was at a scrapbooking event that a friend was hosting.  It included a potluck lunch and one of the other scrapbookers had brought them.  After seeing how wonderful they were, I just had to know how to make them and I ended up using them for my son’s christening.  Everyone who ever sees them thinks they are amazing and delightful and they are always a hit.

** Please bear in mind with the photographs that I am not a professional photographer and my food photos always leave something to be desired.  Still with a little patience, your fancy sandwiches will look much better than my photographs. **


  • Colored bread (you can order this from any specialty bakery or from most bakeries in grocery stores.  All you need to ask for is colored bread, unsliced, and you can order just about any color.  For this example, I used blue and pink)
  • Any type of spread  (tuna, peanut butter, cream cheese)
  • Pickles, bananas, cucumbers (this depends on what your spread is.  For example, you would use bananas for the peanut butter, pickles for the tuna, and cucumbers for the cream cheese.)

To create a masterpiece:

  • Place the bread on a cutting board and with a very sharp bread knife, slice off the crust.
  • Using the knife, begin slicing lengthwise a half inch thick slice off the bread.  Do not cut it all the way off.
  • When you are about half an inch from the end of the slice, turn the bread and begin slicing down the other side of the bread, lengthwise.
  • Repeat until the bread is rolled out flat.  Cut off the excess square and set aside.
  • Mix up your tuna if you are using tuna.  In my example, I have onions in my tuna but I would suggest leaving those out if you are unsure of what your guests will like.
  • Spread the tuna onto the bread.
  • Take the dill pickles and cut off the ends.  Place the dill pickle on one edge of the bread. Use as many as you need to create a straight line down the bread.
  • Roll the pickle and tuna up into the bread.  The bread should look like a jelly roll.
  • Wrap and place in the fridge over night for easier cutting.
  • In the morning, take the roll out of the bread and slice so you have circle sandwiches that look like a swirled roll. 
  • Arrange on the platter or plate and serve cold.

Tip:  Although, you can slice the sandwiches without having refrigerated them over night, it is much easier to slice them if they have been.  This is a great recipe to use since you can do all of the prep work the night before instead of the day of the shower.


Do you have a party recipe to add?





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