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Baby Shower StorkTwo Baby Showers in Three Years

By Erin Schmitt

In the past three years I have had the blessing of having two pregnancies. Since my oldest child was nine when I found out I was pregnant with my son, I needed to start from the beginning when it came to baby items. My sisters decided to throw a baby shower for me during my second pregnancy. Considering this was my husband’s first child, he wanted to be involved in everything that had to do with the baby, and that included the shower. For this reason, we decided to have a co-ed shower so that my husband could share his happiness and excitement for our upcoming bundle of joy.

Whenever you are having a baby shower it is best to register for the items that you need along with the items you desire to have for your baby. This helps the people who are hosting your shower when guests contact them regarding different gift ideas, plus you are more likely to get what you want. Today many companies offer online baby registries along with the traditional in-store baby registry. Since my husband wanted to be involved in everything, he and I took a trip to the local baby store and spent the day picking out all the baby gear we were going to need for our little man. At the time we knew we were having a boy and did not anticipate more children, so we choose a lot of gender specific items. Looking back I would have gone a little more neutral since we ended up with twin girls shortly after the birth of my son.

Once I had the registry complete, my sisters planned the shower for a Saturday afternoon about a month before my due date. Each of my sisters took on different tasks to make the afternoon shower go off without a hitch and with little involvement on my part. Everyone had their part to bring the day together; it was a complete family collaboration. 

With such an array of guests at my baby shower they offered an array of food choices, not just your typical baby shower fare. With so many men invited as guests, they offered some hardier choices like Stromboli, sandwiches and alcoholic beverages for those that could imbibe. There was also a beautiful cake from my favorite bakery.

As I mentioned earlier I have been blessed with two pregnancies in three years. Typically, you would not have another shower if you were already fortunate enough to have a baby shower, but my sisters again felt the need to throw me a baby shower when I found out we were giving birth to twin girls. Partly because we had mostly boy clothes, layette items and gear, but also because we now needed double the stuff because I have two on the way. 

As we received most of our larger baby gear items for the baby shower that was in honor of my son. We did not need anything like a swing or crib. However, we had no baby clothes for baby girls. My sisters decided to hold a layette shower and suggested to the guests that they provide gifts of clothing, onesies, blankets, diapers and any other necessity items. My family felt the joy of twins could easily be over taken by the burden of having to purchase all the clothes and diapers needed for two babies.

Again, we were very fortunate and were overwhelmed by the kindness of our friends and family. We received an enormous amount of clothes, but the best and most remembered gift was that of my husband’s friend, who walked in the door with a truck full of diapers and baby wipes. He purchased a variety of sizes and styles and we did not have to worry about purchasing diapers for six months. That was an amazing gift for a mother of twins.

When you are going to have a baby or multiple babies, I feel it is important for the host and the guests to think about what would really help the parents. My sisters were there for me in my time of need and were able to help me bring my children into the world a little more comfortably. I am truly blessed with an amazing family. As my family has grown so much in three years my sisters have always been there for me to pick me up and dust me off when I need it.

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