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April Showers by Janna Noble
April Shower, Baby Flower by Nikki Lott

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Baby Shower Gifts

April Showers


April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes but what happens when April Showers brings May babies?  Well, I know what will happen; a lot of fun at a wonderful shower celebrating the baby to come.

This cute little theme can make a traditional shower that much more with cheerful colors, cute little parasols and lots of flowers hinting at the joys to come.


I know that I said that the flowers wouldn’t be arriving until May, but an April shower baby shower is never too early for beautiful flowers to brighten up the room.  I would start by placing them in white and soft pastel colored vases, planters and a few baskets.  Pick spring flowers that you would see cheerfully rising up to greet a spring shower and a little touch of soft pastel ribbons.  Some great flower choices are Hyacinths, Tulips, Irises, Daffodils, and Lilies.  Don’t forget to add baby’s breath and greenery to your flower arrangements.

Since we have the bright colors already popping the flower arrangements, let’s take the softer shades of those colors and apply them throughout the room in the streamers, balloons and tablecloths.  Choose the colors you like best and don’t be afraid to go with whites if you feel like you are getting too much of a good thing with all the colors.

A clever way to create the illusion of a spring shower is to attach fishing wire to little tear shaped crystals (you can buy them at craft stores with the holes already drilled in the top).  Hang them from the ceiling or attach them to an umbrella that you have hanging from the ceiling or over the food or present table.  You could also hang the umbrella (or parasol) upside down and fill it with flowers and crystals and attach some crystals so they look like they are spilling out of the umbrella.  If you use the crystals, try to arrange an overhead lighting so that the crystals will catch the lighting and fill the room with April rainbows for all to enjoy.

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A simple invitation is again one of the best choices for this type of shower. You can go with a variety of designs (either ordering them or making them yourself) and I have outlined a few suggestions.  These can be an umbrella overflowing with flowers on the front, or a small umbrella in the corner.  You could have light blue invitations with a baby carriage, an umbrella overtop of it sheltering it from the rain and flowers springing up around the wheels.  Play around with the image and enjoy.  Inside you should mention that it is an April shower, explain what it means to you “Renewal, hope, cheerfulness, etc.” and explain how you would like gifts to reflect the theme.  You don’t have to request specific theme gifts for this shower but if there is a gift registry, make sure you add that to the invitation.

If you are looking for an April Shower poem, try our poetry section.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

As I mentioned earlier, the theme of April showers often brings to mind hope and cheerfulness and the gifts can reflect this in buying bright cheerful items.  Things like brightly colored clothing, possibly having a little rain outfit for baby when he or she arrives and anything big or small wrapped in brightly colored gift wrap.

For the guests, I would go with seeds and a pot or a flowering plant already started (since some people are born with a black thumb and not the always coveted green thumb).  If you don’t want to give flowers, an umbrella can be a nice gift that ties in with the theme or passes to a spring flower show.

Party favors could include seed packets, rain slickers and hats, rainy day teddy bears (you know the ones that have raincoats on) or pens and notepads that have a rainy day or flowery day theme to them.

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Since we have a rain and flower thing going on with the April Showers theme, you can easily bring the theme into the buffet.  First, start by having nice dinnerware (paper can be nice too so don’t feel the need to break out the good china) that have beautiful floral designs.  Have a few flowers and crystal raindrops lining the table (one note about the crystals, choose large sized drops for this so no one accidentally scoops one up onto their plate).

With the food, I would go with a blue punch and sprinkle lavender petals on the top (lavender petals are edible but make sure you don’t add too many because they can alter the taste of your punch).  Also have a cake that comes with a rainbow and rain.

Serve your food on dishes shaped like flowers or with a floral pattern and serve a vegetable flower basket as one of your appetizers.

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It’s raining, it’s pouring, it’s time to play some fun games and what game brings to mind rain and April then a game that has a duck in the title.  Try playing Lucky Duck contributed by Emily F or play a game where guests have to throw rings onto the handle of an upside down umbrella, make sure the handle is straight so it can be done.  You could also do sprinkle art where people need to drip colored water onto a piece of paper to make a drawing that is suggested by the mother to be within a certain timeframe.  They can only use the water that is dripping or sprinkling out of a water shaker (salt and pepper shakers work great for this).

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