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Little Angel Baby Shower Poems


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Little Angel Baby Shower


Ask any parent and they will tell you that their children are a gift, a miracle that they were granted the opportunity to experience.  There is no doubt when you hold a sleeping infant in your arms, you are holding a little angel brought to earth for you to love and cherish.  A Little Angel shower celebrates the little angel that will be joining you, and it is a wonderful shower for family and friends to reaffirm their faith in God and all the miracles that he creates.


Generally, a Little Angel shower is as toned down and elegant as its name might imply.  For this reason, I would stick with light decorations such as white table clothes, some white and gold balloons and flowers like lily of the valley and daisies to fill the room.  Maybe add a few keepsakes for the parents as additional decorations like a cross for the baby’s room, that could be positioned on a shelf for decorative purposes or a prayer doll that says the child’s bedtime prayer when you press him or her.

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Since we are going with a less is more feel here, the same should be applied to the card.  One great idea is to have a little childlike or infant like angel on the card.  Find one with a nice scripture saying or prayer to give the added touch and purchase them in white with gold lettering.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Gifts for a Little Angel baby shower can be traditional items like clothing and nursery furniture but since you are celebrating both the arrival of a new baby and your faith, it is better to give things that reflect your faith.  A child’s bible, bible stories and knick knacks that reflect your faith are excellent choices and they will change depending on your faith.

Gifts for the guests can include little items of faith such as crosses for Christians, Star of David for Jewish and so on.  There are also some very nice notebooks and calendars that have scriptures on them which can make excellent gifts.

Prizes can be the same things and you can also give out some of those daisies and lilies of the valley.

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You can plan just about anything for a Little Angel’s Baby shower when it comes to the food.  Basically, your menu will depend on what time of day it is, how many guests and if it is a couple’s or girls only shower.  Believe it or not, men can greatly affect the menu plan and you will find that your food will reflect a family dinner more than a light brunch during a couple’s shower.  Maybe have a heavenly dessert like Lemon Meringue or Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and Cream.

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Some great games to play at a Little Angel shower are Baby Animal Game contributed by Leigh, Lullaby contributed by Beverly S., and Baby Birthday Card contributed by Joan.

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