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Deluxe Girl's Welcome Wagon
Deluxe Girl's Welcome Wagon

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Baby Girl Spa Kit - Pink
Baby Girl Spa Kit - Pink

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Little Princess Hooded Spa Robe
Little Princess
Hooded Spa Robe

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Personalized Little Girl Pink Rocker
Personalized Little Girl
Pink Rocker

from Bunny Berry

Baby Girl Pink Diaper Carriag
Baby Girl
Pink Diaper Carriage

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Baby Girl Pink Lollipop Diaper Cake
Baby Girl
Pink Lollipop Diaper Cake

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Personalized Pink Poodle Diaper Cake
Personalized Pink Poodle
Diaper Cake

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Forever Baby Cake - Girl / Pink
Forever Baby Cake - Girl / Pink

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Madison 3 Piece Baby Girl Pink Crib Bedding Set
Madison 3 Piece Baby Girl
Pink Crib Bedding Set

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Cute baby themed Photo Frame Favors - Girl / Pink
Cute baby themed Photo Frame
Favors - Girl / Pink

from Moments of Elegance

Pink Baby Bottle Candle Favors
Pink Baby Bottle Candle Favors

from Moments of Elegance

Wedding Anniversary

Baby Girl - Pink Theme


Everything’s Coming Up Pink:
Creating a Pink Themed Baby Shower for a Girl!

Now I’m sure that most people could do a pink themed baby shower with their eyes closed.  Generally, we have all been to a shower when a girl is expected, and we have celebrated under a ceiling filled with pink balloons, pink streamers and the happy words exclaiming “It’s a girl!”

Since we already know some of the basics of throwing a color and gender specific baby shower, let’s look at a few of the finer details involved in creating a beautiful baby shower just right for the little girl on her way and the woman who she will call Mom.


For a pink shower, the decorating can be pretty simple and can be done in a cost effective way - pink balloons, pink streamers and a pink table cloth can be all you need in the way of decorations.  There are some things to consider when it comes to decorating a pink shower.

Number One: 
Find an accent color that goes with pink.  White is very nice but there are many other colors that you can use, even drawing a hint of yellow out through a flower or a few properly placed bows in soft lavender can make all the difference and can keep your shower from looking like a Pepto-Bismol watergun fight hit the room.  If you choose to use only pink, the key is to use varying shades of pink or patterns with shades of pink to add a bit of contrast to the room.

Number Two: 
Add a few ruffles since nothing looks girlier than ruffles.  This can be done with streamers on the ceiling, but you can also add to it by having a few pink and frilly dolls out for decorations.  The dolls can be given as a gift to the new mom and will look wonderful at the baby shower and in the nursery.  The table cloth can also have ruffled accents and adding an old fashioned parasol, done in pink and white as a centrepiece to the room, can have the desired effect you are looking for.

Number Three: 
Don’t forget the flowers.  Personally, I think a girl themed baby shower should have tons of flowers but they should not be overpowering. Baby’s Breath can be nice since it is a timeless classic and it can even be found in pink. I wouldn’t just stick with baby’s breath, however, since it has been done many times before.  Also try flowers like Asters, Canterbury Bells, Freesia, and Ranunculus, which is a less expensive flower that is very similar in shape to the rose. If you want a flower that is larger or more recognizable, use Carnations and Gerbera Daisies. Having cherry blossoms spread out on a table cloth can also add a sweet and innocent touch to your party space.

Number Four:
 The last decorating touch that I would like to mention when it comes to a pink themed baby shower is the table spread.  Sure you will have wonderful food but make sure that you use pink containers, pink napkins and pink plates.  Place them on a white table cloth or a very light pink table cloth to provide a dramatic contrast.

See Also: main decorations section


Invitations can be pretty basic when it comes to a pink or girl themed baby shower.  You can do simple white invitations with pink lettering or have ones with an image on them.  One of my personal favourites when it comes to a girl baby shower is to have the invitations done in pink and vellum.  You can order these from many card companies or you can make them yourself.

If you want guests to add to the pink theme, either through gifts, wrapping paper, or in the clothes they wear, just list that on the invitation.  Lastly, make sure that you include information for your guests about gift registries or add a few ideas for “pink gifts” for a baby shower.

If you are looking for a Pink Girl Theme poem, try our poetry section.

See Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Let’s look at gifts for the expectant mom first.  If you are gifting in pink, there is so much that you can do.  You have clothes that can be found in varying shades of pink including sleepers, crib shirts, dresses, and countless other outfits.  If you decide against clothes and want to have something more concrete but not too large, purchase bedding, receiving blankets, hooded towels and clothes in pink.  Rattles, soothers and bottles can also be found in pink.  If you decide on larger items, you can find cribs that are pink or pink/white, chairs that have hints of pink or you could purchase pink lamps for the nursery.  Many stores also offer different colored gift cards, so ask if they have one in pink and put it in a nice pink envelope.

For your guests, wrap up pink candles, pink containers of bubbles, or maybe even give little bouquets of pink flowers for the shower gift.  You could also have vintage dolls for game prizes (the ones with lots of ruffles and pink) and if you are okay with giving out alcohol you could have mini bottles of pink champagne or blush wine wrapped in a pink gift bag or do your own and custom make your pink labels with the date of the shower and the new baby girl that you are toasting.

See Also: main gift section & main favors section


Mmmm, pink food, and don’t feel like you need to go around with a large bottle of pink food dye to make it happen.  Finger foods are great for a baby girl shower since it makes it feel more feminine if people are enjoying dainty sandwiches and small desserts.

A great sandwich to have is Fancy Sandwiches in pink, check out our recipe section to find out how to make them.  Also have fruits that are pink and red in color and make or purchase a pink fruit dip.

Desserts are always nice and there are many that are pink including Tiramisu and even some cheesecakes.

If you feel limited with having pink food, use containers that are pink or place the desserts in the middle of pink cupcake foils.

See Also: main recipe section


There are not many pink specific baby shower games, but you can always adapt the ones we have to reflect a pink theme.  Take a simple game like Candy in a Bottle and use pink items.  The bottle should be clear but the lid can be pink and so can guess the candy in the bottle.  Games that require paper and pencils can use pink paper and pink pencil crayons or pink pencils (there are tons of those around Valentine’s Day so stock up when you see them on sale just after the holiday passes).  Also, make the prizes pink!  Pink hand lotions, pink hair accessories, and pink sunglasses can be fun little prizes to win.

See Also: main games section

Do you have an idea to add to this theme? Send it to us!

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