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Punch for Every Occasion


by Emma

If you have a standard punch bowl, then the following recipe will fill it up. If you have a much larger punch bowl, then I would suggest doubling the recipe.

1 -2 liter Ginger Ale, chilled
1 -1/2 gal of sherbet, thawed (raspberry, lime, etc.)
1 -can frozen lemonade, thawed

Place sherbet in punch bowl first. You make divide into small sections or just use ladle after filling bowl and divide. Pour in thawed lemonade. Slowly and gently pour in Ginger Ale to keep from foaming too much. Stir until sherbet is in smaller pieces for cups.

You may use different flavors and colors of sherbert to suit the style of party/shower you may have. If you cannot find the right color just mix in a pack of Kool-Aid (your choice of color).

This is a big hit at all the parties/showers that I have thrown or someone in the family has had. Keep extra ingredients on hand to make more!


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