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Poems to Babies and Children

By Norman
© All rights reserved.

Late Night Talks

I love our late-night meetings most of all.
It seems I bolt awake at your first call.
In moments flat, I'm standing in your room.
The nightlight carves a pathway through the gloom.

You see my face and, instantly, you smile.
As if you're recognizing an old friend.
I guess to you three months seem quite a while.
It's your whole lifetime: Hard to comprehend!

While changing you, I chat about my day.
I came home far too late to say goodnight.
So 3 AM's our only time to play
Or share some simple rhymes that I recite.

You stare at me. You hang on every word.
At times you coo, blow bubbles, breathe a sigh.
I sing a song, or whistle like a bird
To make you smile or soothe you when you cry.

At last, I see your eyes begin to close.
I lift you gently, place you back in bed.
I tuck you in, adjusting your nightclothes,
Caress your hair and kiss your tiny head.

Perhaps in years to come I'll tell you how
We spent these quiet hours, child and Dad,
Together as our schedules would allow,
Connecting through those late-night talks we had.

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