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Baby shower planning made
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Baby Shower Poems

Library Baby Shower Poetry
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Poem 1:
by Jennifer Williamson

Fairy tales and childhood rhymes and tales both short and tall
As children they light up our lives; as grown-ups we recall
There’s nothing like a favorite book to make a child smile
And explore the world of her imagination for a while


Poem 2: by Sirena Van Schaik

A book is filled with a thousand words,
That paint for children a million worlds.
To explore and dream each and every day,
To color the imagination of our play.
For this reason we will ask
to send wishes in words for this task.
Our baby will soon discover,
what treasures are hidden beneath the cover.


Poem 3: by Shannon

We don't need fancy clothes,
or any more toys to drive us wild.
Instead please bring a book,
your favorite as a child.


Poem 4: by you

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