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The Good Hostess Guide
to Surviving a Baby Shower

Stocking Up

This might not seem like a big thing, but you want to have lots of extra stock easily at hand for the day of the party.

Start with the bathroom. Make sure that you have plenty of toilet paper on the roll and place several other rolls on the back of the toilet or on a visible shelf within easy reach.  This keeps guests from having to snoop through your cupboards in a desperate search for toilet paper.  Also have a few folded hand towels and cloths out so that you or your guests can exchange the damp towels with fresh ones when it is needed.

Soap is another must, and I like to have several sinks available for people to wash their hands.  If you only have one bathroom, you will want to utilize the kitchen sink, since many guests will want to continue talking as they rinse their hands.  Liquid hand soap is the best because it helps avoid the spreading of germs.

Make use of hand-sanitizer bottles too, so that guests have an option that does not require running water and a towel. It's quick, efficient and in most cases just as good as soap and water.

Always keep extra paper towels, carpet cleaners and the mop handy just in case someone spills some food or a drink.  You can quickly mop it up to avoid both slips and stains. A small (preferably cordless) vacuum cleaner may be handy too.

And lastly, a few extra boxes of soft facial tissues are a must, for both teary and practical applications.

Stocking Up Checklist:

Toilet Paper, Liquid Soap
  Hand Towels & Face Washers

  Liquid Soap, Hand Towels

Guest / Party Room
  Hand-sanitizer, Facial Tissues

At the Ready
  Paper Towels, Carpet Cleaner
  Mop, Vacuum Cleaner

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