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Wonderful Selection of
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Baby Shower Favors

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Baby Shower Gift Baskets

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Party Favor:
Soothing Eye Mask

A Little Well deserved Pampering

You know what it’s like after a hard day or an even harder week; your eyes are sore from staring at computer screens or peering through windshields as you head to and from work.  You also know that you just want some relief for your tired eyes, if only for 5 minutes in a day.  That is why this little baby shower favor remembers all the hard work your guests do in the work as both career women and possibly as mothers.

This simple little baby shower favor can be a great gift for a Pampering Shower or simply as a little prize for any type of shower that involves women who enjoy relaxing when they finally get a chance.  Place it in a gift bag filled with all the other pampering essentials and you will find that not only were they simple to make but your guests believe you spared no expense in making them feel special and relaxed.


What you will need:

Flax Seed (the amount usually depends on how many eye masks you have to make but generally a pound to two pounds will fill about 10 masks.)

Silk or Satin satchels (you can buy these already premade at craft stores.  You want ones that measure 6 - 8 inches long by about 3 inches wide)

Thread (choose a color that matches your fabric)



Lavender Oil



If you are feeling industrious, you can make the satchels yourself by cutting out 16” by 3.5” rectangles from silk or satin.  Fold in half and sew the two long sides shut.  Sew the third side until there is about an inch left and turn right side in.  The amount of fabric that you need will greatly depend upon the number of eye masks you are making.  Ask at your local fabric store if you are unsure how much fabric you will need and pick up an extra yard or two just in case.


Now that you have your satchels purchased or made, it is time to start assembling your eye masks:

1.  If you have premade satchels, turn them inside out and sew the opening using small stitches until about 1 inch is left.  Turn right side in.

2. Take a funnel and fill the satchel with flax seed.  You want it to be full but still flat for comfort reasons.  Do not allow the satchel to be stretched at the seams.

3. Once the satchel is filled, you can pour in a few drops of lavender oil.  I find that one or two drops will do the trick but it depends upon how much scent you want them to have.

4. Fold the extra fabric in the opening into the 1 inch hole and then saddle stitch it closed.

5. Prepare a little sheet with instructions on how to use the eye masks. (Found below)

And that is all it takes to make these great little eye masks that can provide your guests with a great opportunity to pamper themselves.  Fast, easy, and simply wonderful.


Instructions for eye mask use:

“Soothing Cold:  To create a refreshing eye mask, place the mask in the fridge for roughly 2 or more hours; take out of fridge, lay back and apply to your eyes.

Soothing Warmth:  To add a little comfort to tired eyes, place mask in the microwave and heat for 10 seconds.  Check warmth and continue to heat in 5 second intervals until the mask reaches the desired temperature.  Lay back, apply to your eyes and relax.”

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