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Baby Shower Gift Baskets

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Noah's Ark Baby Shower
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Gift Basket Baby Shower


The baskets are coming, the baskets are coming! Okay, maybe I’m going overboard and I’m sure that people won’t think you’re a basket case but I couldn’t resist the urge to act like one.

A basket themed baby shower is just as it sounds - a theme that is filled with baskets.  This is a great shower to have around Easter or Christmas when gift baskets are plentiful but don’t feel that you are restricted to those two holidays.  A basket shower can be any time of the year, they can be lots of fun, and there are so many things that you can do with this theme.


Well, baskets of course.  But to narrow this down to something more concrete let’s look at the individual items that you can use to decorate your baby shower space.

First things first, ribbon is often seen with baskets, providing them with the finishing touch and making baskets look great.  Don’t hesitate to use ribbon for more than just the baskets; use it for streamers, make bows to attach to walls and tables and loop it through bouquets and around the food.

Once you have your ribbon in place, start adding baskets to the room.  Have them in different sizes, colors and shapes and don’t place them all upright; instead have them nesting in each other, turned over or hanging off of things.  You don’t need to fill the baskets but if you do, I suggest adding a few baby items, maybe a couple toys and some stuffed animals.

Flowers are the perfect choice for baskets and there are many kinds that look wonderful in them.  Roses, Carnations, Baby’s Breath, and Lilies are only a few to choose from.  One way to present Lilies or Tulips is to tie a bouquet of them and then lay them in a flat basket.  It makes it look like you just freshly picked the flowers and laid them on the table to arrange later.  Make sure to keep them refrigerated until the shower so they don’t wilt.

Lastly, decorate some of the tables with the bamboo placemats to give the basket feel to the dining areas.  You can also use them as wide coasters on coffee tables.

See Also: main decorations section


Using a basket shaped invitation is the best way to get this theme across and you can find them just about anywhere.  If you want a more subtle look, just ask for an embossed image of a basket to be placed in the corner of your invitations.  Make sure that you explain what the shower theme is and if you are assigning baskets to people, let them know that you have a few reserved for them to swap out.  If you are letting them decide, provide them with a link to this site for more ideas on what gift baskets they can choose from.

See Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

This is the main reason why we have a theme called the Basket Theme.  Presents should be wrapped in a basket for the expectant mom and usually you organize your basket to a theme.  If you are in charge of the bath themed basket, then you will want to fill it with cloths, bath soaps and shampoos, soothing baby bubbles and a rubber ducky or other bath toy.  Below is a list of various gift baskets that you can make up.

Feeding Basket:
Nipples, teething rings, bottles, pile bottles, pacifiers, bibs, infant formula, nursing mothers' products, food dishes, baby cups, feeding spoons, bottle warmer.

Diaper Basket:
Diapers, diaper pins, diaper bag, baby ointment, powder, wipes.

Bath Basket:
Baby shampoo, soft sponges, soap, powder, tub toys, powder, ultra soft baby towels, baby robe, Q-tips, infant bath tubs, bath mobile.

Nursery Basket:
Baby gel, changing pad, baby blanket, nail clippers, brush and comb, teething products, stuffed animals, baby monitor, crib accessories.

Ready-to-Go Basket:
Hat, booties, receiving blanket, baby toys and books, sun block, pacifiers, diapers, infant formula, diaper bag, disposable diapers, wipes, powder, disposable bottles, pacifiers.

For-the-Mind Basket:
Activity quilts, infant stimulation, playmats, baby music, baby toys and books, instructional DVDs. Also see the theme ABC Learning Shower.

Hospital Basket:
Gifts for the mommy, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair care, bath and skin care, slippers, nightgown, beauty and spa gifts, nursing mothers' products, women's multi-vitamins, vitamin supplements, magazine.

For the guests, I would stay with the same basket theme and have them nicely wrapped up.  I would also have a few different basic themes to send home and you can give them out randomly.  These could include a goody basket filled with lots of little chocolates and other treats, the coffee or tea basket, which has lots of tea and coffee packs and a few treats that go great with either tea and coffee, the notes basket filled with notepads, pens, pencils and a journal, or even a pampering basket filled with many of the items we love to use to relax including bath salts, eye masks, hand lotions and a good book.

The prizes for the games could be mini baskets set up with the same themes described above for the guest gift baskets or you could offer the flower filled baskets that you are using for decorations.

See Also: main gift section & main favors section


Any type of meal is fine for a basket theme but I tend to think lighter fair.  Regardless of what you choose, you can’t resist some of the great basic food themes that you can use.  Make a vegetable flower basket, or a fruit basket to bring baskets to your table.  Have the buns and chips served in baskets themselves and make a basket cake (no not basket case but I’m sure you will be seeing baskets for a while).   Visit our recipes page to learn how to make a fruit basket and a vegetable flower basket.

See Also: main recipe section


Although there are no basket specific games, you can take other games and adapt them to your theme.  You can place items in baskets instead of bowls as described in Cotton Balls contributed by Shelly or Needle In A Hay Stack contributed by Kristina.  To get some more use out of your ribbon, try playing The Ribbon Game contributed by Renata.  Even if you don’t use baskets for your game, you will have enough of your theme dispersed around the room that you won’t need to.

See Also: main games section

Do you have an idea to add to this theme? Send it to us!

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