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Take Me Out To The Ball Game! by Jennifer Munksgard

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Sports Fan Baby Shower


The quarterback has the ball, he’s looking for an opening, and all the players seem to be covered.  Oh, wow, the offensive has just broken through; the quarterback scrambles back, looks around for a person to pass to.  It looks like we are going to see a sack here folks, wait, wait a minute, the wide receiver has broken through, and he’s near the 20 yard line.  The quarterback sees him, throws and the wide receiver catches it!  Can you believe it?  TOUCHDOWN!!

And the crowd goes wild, just like they will at your Sports Fan baby shower.

Although this theme is often thrown for a boy, it doesn’t have to be.  Lots of girls come to enjoy sports in their life and the whole theme can really reflect the parents more than the child that they are expecting.  This is an excellent shower to have for a couple’s shower and can be centered on a favorite sport, a favorite team, or simply an all-American (or whatever your nationality is) sports fest.


If you are going with a straight sports fest, then decorating can be pretty easy.  Balloons and streamers can both come in a wide variety of sports related themes.  You can get them with basketballs, soccer balls, footballs or a medley of sporting goods.

For some additional items, you could place a small nerf-style basketball hoop onto the back of the chair so guests can play mini games (just make sure that no one sits there).  You could also place sports memorabilia around the room, things like mini jerseys, pennants and mini-trophy’s like the mini-Stanley Cups that you can buy.  You could also pull out your sports equipment like tennis rackets and various balls and put them in one little display in the corner.

If you are going with a specific team, then you will want to coordinate everything with the theme.  You should be able to find just about everything with your team’s logo on it but if you can’t simply go for their colors.  All the streamers and balloons should be in your team’s colors and the napkins and table cloths can be as well.  For added team loyalty, you could go online, download your team’s logo and print them out on transfers.  Iron them onto the tablecloths and your gift and food tables will be all set.  Remember to not put the iron-ons onto items that you are giving out as gifts since these are copyrighted logos so this should only be for personal use to help convey the theme of your party.

Also: main decorations section


Invitations for a sports theme are no different than invitations for any other shower and the numbers of ways that you could order the invitations are pretty standard.  Again, it all boils down to what your sports shower is.  If it is a generic sports theme, meaning all the sports, you can find lots of invitations featuring a pile of sporting equipment in the center.  You don’t even have to stick with ordering them from an invitation store since this type of invitation can be found for children’s birthdays, many of them only bearing the words, “You’re invited!”

If you are going with your sports team, you can go with the team colors and you may be able to either purchase your team logo on an invitation or print your own with the logo on them.  A really neat idea for invitations and one I would use personally if I was having a sports themed baby shower, is to order the card that is a tri-fold, something like you would see for a gift card or game tickets.  The actual invitation would be created as the game ticket with all the information on it, and I would make the RSVP a tear off game stub to be mailed back.  I would also place directions and gift registries on a different “ticket”.

Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Why, sports of course!  Okay, maybe not exactly sports, but you can have lots of gifts for baby that are centered around sports.  If the nursery is done in a sporty theme, you can buy bedding, lamps, and just about anything with sports items on them.  Clothing is another easy way to get the sporting theme into the gift giving.  You can buy just about anything for baby in team colors and with the team logo on them.  You can also pick up baby jerseys.  If you want more generic outfits, get some track suits or maybe buy baby his very first pair of running shoes.  Sports toys for baby are another great idea for gifts.

For the guests, you could give out gift certificates to sports stores or sports themed parks.  Things like paint ball certificates, batting cages, driving ranges, etc can be appreciated by the guests.  You could also give out tickets to the games of local, not the NFL or the NHL but more of the junior divisions or college teams.  These can be fairly cheap, a few dollars more than a movie but they can also be a lot of fun.  If you want something a little less expensive, try giving out little table top sports games like shooting baskets and mini pool.

Another idea if you have a local sports team in your city loved by pretty much everyone, give out sports memorabilia that will be useful while still relatively inexpensive such as drink holders to keep cans cool in the summer or water bottles.

For the game prizes, I would give out little trophies, mini games and the sports memorabilia that you have floating around your room.  You could also stock up on those McDonald’s Hockey Sticks when they come around and give them out as prizes.  As I have been told, “they are collectable” and they only cost a little over 2 bucks.

Also: main gift section & main favors section


When I think of the food for a sports themed baby shower I think of beer and chips although I would only serve alcohol if the guests and expectant parents were comfortable with it.  I also wouldn’t stick with just chips.  Instead I would have hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, veggie platters, meat platters and maybe even some chicken wings or ribs.  Basically, game day food.  If it is a Couples Shower, ask your husband to fire up the BBQ.

Another item that I might have is fully-loaded nachos.  These are a meal in themselves but can be a great appetizer as well.  Cakes can be a pretty easy idea for the dessert since you can make a round cake, decorate it like a soccer ball or basketball and then make cupcakes and decorate them like a golf, tennis or baseball.  If you are going with a football theme, you can simply purchase a football shaped cake pans.  These are really handy (I have one myself) since you can take the cake pan and later use it to create a Finding Nemo cake for baby’s first or subsequent birthday.

Also: main recipe section


Although you can play traditional baby shower games at a sports themed baby shower, I would suggest playing more sports related games instead.  Games like sports trivia or maybe a game console set up with a current sports game can be great for entertainment and competition.  If you have access to the backyard, set up a game of backyard badminton or a small football game.  Make sure you have a few chairs outdoors so that the guests who don’t want to play can simply relax with beverages and watch the game while chatting with others.

Also: main games section

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