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Whimsy Froggie by Christina

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Frog Theme Gifts




With a hop and skip and a cute little green creature, you can create an excellent themed baby shower for a mother who is expecting a boy or is hoping for a girl that won’t be too squeamish.  I love frogs and would have lots of fun creating a frog theme for someone I know, simply because it takes me back to my teaching days but also because there is nothing cold about these little amphibians.


You would probably think that I would suggest greens for the decorating since frogs are green but I would actual decorate in varying shades of blue, a color that reminds people of the pond.  In fact, you can create your own pond for the presents to rest in by using a few throw pillows and a large blue blanket.  Pin or place on a few paper cut-outs of lily pads and toss in a few stuffed frogs and you have a little froggy centerpiece that serves as a gift “table”.

To bring the frog pond out into the rest of the room, you can purchase some really nice bouquets that have bullrushes in them; the trick is to find a florist that creates them or to find some silk bulrushes to make your own.  Group them together like a bushel of wheat and tie off with a ribbon.  Another nice idea for some plants and flowers around the room is a Garden in a Glass.  Place a few of these around the room and then give them out as prizes later in the day.

Lastly, add some frogs around the room with stuffed animals and little frog toys.  You can even pick up a few of the plastic frogs and place them in various places, including the Gardens in a Glass.

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You can have a lot of fun with a frog invitation and there are many to choose from.  There are ones that are cut in the shape of a frog, others that bear the embossed image of a frog or ones that have a frog completely take over the front of the card.  It really is up to you in determining the best invitation but one of the nice things about this theme is that you don’t have to let guests know that you are having a specific theme since it is spelled out very nicely with the cute image on the card.

If you are looking for a Frog poem, try our poetry section.

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Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

There is no set gift that I would suggest for mom and baby unless mom is creating her nursery in a backyard pond type of theme with dragonflies and of course frogs.  There are lots of items out there with frogs on them so it isn’t too hard to find just the right gift.

For the guests, I would really suggest a Garden in a Glass since they are very nice but if you don’t want that added expense, give out frog shaped candies or even soap.  Another nice idea is to give a little charm necklace or bracelet with a frog on it.  Frogs are the symbol of health so it is a very thoughtful gift even when it relates to your theme.

Prizes can be just about anything and again, you can use some of the decorations that you have put up in the room.

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You will definitely need to have a punch with some frogs swimming in the cool blue depths amidst ice cubes but when it comes to food, go ahead and be creative.  Maybe have a few things like Worms in Dirt, not quite frogs but still along those lines.  You could also offer flies on a log with celery, peanut butter (cream cheese also works if you are worried about allergies) and raisons.  Have fun with the food and don’t forget to have that cake decorated with frogs.

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You can play just about any games but I would suggest having games that allow guests to be silly.  Some suggestions are Bingo contributed by Pat Davidson, Bubble Gum Babies contributed by Becky or Bloomers contributed by Julie.

Also: main games section

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