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Scrapbooking Baby Shower


By Sirena Van Schaik

I have been a fan of scrapbooking for years, several of them spent sighing and wishing that I had some skill to scrapbook and many others spent actually proving to myself that yes I do have the skill.  Although I enjoy scrapbooking family pages, nothing was more special than those first few scrapbook pages that I did for my children’s first year of life.  Having a place to put special photographs and written memories is a gift that I will cherish forever and most mothers appreciate having a special book to pass down to their child when he or she grows up.

scrapbooking exampleA scrapbooking shower can be held in a variety of ways and it doesn’t have to be for the mother that is interested in scrapbooking, although that does help.  It can be for anyone and can be just a group of friends getting together to scrapbook or a full demonstration by a scrapbooking consultant.

Before we go into decorations and everything, let’s just highlight some of the different scrapbooking parties that you can have.

The first one is a Scrapbooking Consultant shower where a consultant comes in and helps you make a sample page to take home.  Usually there are only a few layouts to choose from so there is no gift involved for mom, however, anything purchased by the guests will go towards a hostess gift for the mother-to-be.

The second shower is similar to a Scrapbooking Consultant shower but instead of having demonstrations, everyone brings their own items to scrapbook their own pages.  You run a shower around the scrapbook day and have games that reflect scrapbooking such as competitions for the best page.  The consultant is there to stock people up with things they need and again the hostess gift goes to the mom, but the only difference is that everyone needs to pick one event page to make, i.e. first bath, sitting up, first Halloween, and give it as a gift at the end of the day.

Lastly, you can just have a scrapbooking shower where people bring a scrapbook page for the mom to be and the shower is run in a traditional shower-like manner.


Like many other showers, there is no right or wrong way to decorate for a scrapbooking shower.  Balloons and streamers can be nice and festive and may be all you need to brighten up the space since everyone will be more focused on their scrapbooking pages than on the decorations at hand.

A nice touch to any scrapbooking shower is to have scrapbooked pages out on tables, shelves and on the walls so that people can see them and possibly get some ideas.  These pages can be complete with photographs or can be blank.  A nice touch is to have the prenatal scrapbooking pages that the mother-to-be has created.  This can include the ultrasound pages and the pages announcing the wonderful news.

ScrapbookingAlso: main decorations section


Of course you know that you will be making these invitations don’t you.  What would a scrapbooking shower be without nicely scrapbooked invitations?  Layout the card so it looks like a baby scrapbook page but place a sticker or stamped image in the spot where you would place a photograph.  If you don’t feel that industrious, there are many companies that offer invitations that look like handmade cards.  Check out the different companies to find the design you like.

Make sure that you explain what the shower will entail and what the gift options and requests are for this shower, especially if a scrapbook page is requested from the guests.

Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

Gifting for a scrapbooking shower can be fairly easy.  You can still give all of the gifts that you give at a traditional baby shower and no thought has to be given to the actual theme when you are shopping.  You can also focus on stocking up the mother-to-be’s scrapbooking supplies so she has everything she needs to capture the memories in loving pages.  Scrapbooked pages can be a gift all on their own but generally, guests should bring something else in addition to the pages.  If you are only giving scrapbook pages, then you should also give her a baby album to place the pages in.  Also, make sure you give the size of the pages to the guests in the invitations so that everyone brings pages that will fit the book.  Generally, scrapbooks are done in 12 x 12 but they can also be done in 8 x 10, 5 x 7 and 11 x 12.  Figure out the size of sheets the book takes before you send out the invites.

For the guests, you can give out cardstock, scissors, punches, embellishments and anything else that can be used for scrapbooking.  Prizes for the games can also be all of the above and if you are having a scrapbooking consultant, she or he will have items to give out as door prizes.  Check with her first before you go shopping for gifts and prizes since she may give you a discount.

scrapbookAlso: main gift section & main favors section


This is a perfect shower to have a potluck.  Most scrapbooking days consist of a group of women getting together and sharing their supplies, advice, imagination and good food.  If you are doing the meal, I would keep it to sandwiches, pizza, cold salads and a few desserts.  This will shorten the meal so everyone can get to what they enjoy the most, scrapbooking.

Also: main recipe section


As I mentioned before, you can do a variety of games around scrapbooking.  The person who finishes a page first receives a prize; the person with the most creative use of the color blue can win a prize and so on.  If you want to have more traditional games as well you can use some background games that will be going on as you are scrapbooking.  Games like Diaper Pin or Candies in a Bottle are good choices.  You could also alter Dice in a Bottle, and instead of people sitting around rolling dice, a guest can roll the dice when she is finished a scrapbook page.  If she rolls doubles, she wins a prize.

Also: main games section

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