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Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower


Hey Diddle, Diddle, have you ever heard that riddle?  Of course you have, they have been taught in schools and in daycares for decades.  They are as well known as Mickey Mouse and although we can’t always remember all the words, nursery rhymes still bring back cozy images from our own childhood where Mom or Dad would read to us before bed.

They are an eternal symbol of childhood so is it any wonder that many soon-to-be parents enjoy decorating their child’s nursery with the old classics.  And since they are such a big hit in nurseries, it is no surprise to see them being used as a theme in baby showers.


You just have to love decorating, especially when you have this fun theme to decorate with.  A Nursery Rhyme Shower can avoid all the classic decorations like balloons, streamers and confetti and move right into a world where little dogs laugh and lambs attend school much to the merriment of all.  Nursery Rhymes are whimsical, so why not make your decorations the same.

A very easy way to decorate a space for a Nursery Rhyme baby shower is to go out and find books and pictures featuring nursery rhymes. You can probably download many of them, and you can add the artwork to the space that you are using.  Tape them onto walls, put them in frames and spread the frames around the room.  You can find many cheap frames at dollar stores so don’t feel like you have to splurge if you use the picture idea.  A few printouts will really set the theme.

Once you have your pictures, try to take out a number of colors and apply it through the room in the napkins, table clothes and balloons (if you are using them).  This is a technique that interior designers will use so don’t feel shy about doing it with your baby shower decorations.  You can even decorate for a boy specific or girl specific nursery rhyme baby shower.  Use rhymes like Little Bo Peep and Mary had a Little Lamb for a girl and Little Boy Blue and Jack Horner for a boy.

Another great way to decorate for a Nursery Rhyme shower is to have toys and dolls set up around the room.  You can have Jack and Jill running up to a wishing well, Mary and her lamb, and Little Jack Horner sitting in a corner.  For seating ideas, you could add a few tuffets or if you don’t have any tuffets lying around, a few stools with fabric covers provide ample nursery rhyme seating.

Lastly, you could have an added touch to your napkins by having them printed with a Nursery Rhyme or two.

Also: main decorations section


Oh, where to begin with the invitations for a Nursery Rhyme shower.  There really is no wrong way to do it.  You could print your own and use one or more of the many Nursery Rhyme pictures that you have downloaded as the front of the card, or you could have special nursery rhyme invitations printed.  You could even use invitations for children’s birthdays.

To add a bit of whimsy to the invitations, you could stuff them with confetti shaped like moons, animals, children, baskets and countless other nursery rhyme creatures.  Finish it off by making the invitation itself a rhyme.

If you are looking for a Nursery Rhyme poem, try our poetry section.

Also: main invitations section

Gifts, Favors, and Prizes

When you are creating a gift list for either yourself or your guests, let them know that you are holding a Nursery Rhyme shower and whether you would like gifts to reflect the shower.  Offer some advice on what they can buy that would be theme oriented.   If you want to leave the gifts generic, ask for cards and wrapping paper to reflect a nursery rhyme theme if possible.  Also, if the expectant mother is using nursery rhymes for her nursery, you can give your guests a heads up for their gift ideas.

When you select prizes for games and other party favors, try to match them with a nursery rhyme but make sure they are appropriate for adults.  A great gift for your guests could be little figurines of Nursery Rhyme characters. A figurine of a girl that could be Miss Muffet or a boy that could be Little Jack Horner can be great keepsakes, especially if a date and name is engraved or painted onto the base.

Individually wrap hot cross buns or muffins in pink, blue, yellow or mint green cellophane and tie with a contrasting ribbon. Attach a computer generated thank you note bearing an image of Mother Goose. Write the name of the nursery rhyme that the favor represents on the card and a thank you for the Mom to Be. Let her hand out the favors when the party is over. Another idea is to buy bulbs or plants from Contrary Mary’s garden, or a miniature pie from Sing a Song of Sixpence.

Other party favours can include little wells, bubbles, nursery rhyme books or fun straw hats with flowers and ribbons on them.

Also: main gift section & main favors section


Food can be pretty much anything when you have a nursery rhyme themed shower, and it will reflect the time of day that you are having your shower more than anything else.  There are a few easy things you can do like having a cake with a nursery rhyme character on it.

You could also simulate some of the food.  Things like having a cheese tray that also has cheese curds for Little Miss Muffet's Curds and Whey.  You could have a pie (plum if you like) for Little Jack Horner’s Christmas pie.  Lastly you could have lots of fresh spring water in a decorated bucket from Jack and Jill.

Write rhymes on recipe cards. Cut them in half. Give each guest the first part of the rhyme and have them look for the second half at place settings. When they find it that is the place where they are to sit.

A vegetable tray could represent Contrary Mary’s garden; deviled eggs Humpty Dumpty; muffins for the Muffin Man; pumpkin pie for Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater and low fat trifle for Georgie Porgie’s pudding. Serve punch in Mason jars to represent Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, or serve hot tea for Polly Put the Kettle On.

Also: main recipe section


Many of the games that we have listed can be modified to be specific to our theme.  If you come up with something unique, send it to us!

A great game to play at any party is charades and you can do this by having the titles, characters or specific words associated with the Nursery Rhymes that you choose.

The classic game to play at this shower is the Nursery Rhyme Memory Game where the first person to successfully complete a nursery rhyme wins a prize.

You could also take our game Draw the Baby, which was contributed by Jacqueline Lisette, and modify it so that guests must draw a specific nursery rhyme character.

With some creativity, there are so many games that you could modify for a nursery rhyme theme.  Take a few minutes and check out our games section to figure out which ones you would like to modify and use.


Please remember to let us know how successful your Nursery Rhyme shower was and how you made our theme even better.  We would love to add it to our visitor contribution section!

Also: main games section

Do you have an idea to add to this theme? Send it to us!





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